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American Counter-Revolution and Jews Boris Gulko


American Counter-Revolution and Jews

Boris Gulko


The political victory of neo-Marxism that has taken place in the United States in recent decades, which crossed out the achievements of Americanism for two and a half centuries of its history, raises the question what caused this catastrophe. The country, which was the first in the world to approve the right of its citizens to freedom of thinking and speech, canceled both, replacing them with “political correctness” that is mandatory for all; its dishonest media, subject to political censorship, crushed the tradition of freedom of information; the system of quotas for racial, gender and other differences has supplanted the doctrine of equality of citizens; adherence to the criminal code has become unnecessary for certain groups of the population who are allowed to riot and commit robberies; the electoral system was demolished, allowing this year’s massive fraud, which brought to the presidency a corrupt senile old man who is not even able to read a complete phrase from a teleprompter; the country that created the civilization called Judeo-Christian, abolished religious morality for itself altogether. This collapse of everything Western civilization has achieved in its leading country must have some explanation.


Perhaps it is contained in the general property of development. There is no ultimate truth, an ideal state, upon reaching which one can stop. Having passed the optimum point, development leads the system into degradation. According to Hegel[AA1] , the use of an idea outside the zone of its application leads to the results opposite to those obtained in this zone.


Three millennia ago, the Jews seemed to have reached their final state. Our state was great and safe, we were ruled by the wisest of mortals - King Shlomo, who understood everything, even the language of birds. He built a magnificent Temple for us, in which the Levites sang the psalms of his father David, 10 miracles took place at the same time, and the presence of the Highest was felt clearly. It seemed that the goal of Creation had been achieved, there was nowhere to advance any further: “What was, will be” (Ecclesiastes 1:9).


But this idyllic state did not last long. Shlomo lived only 52 years, and during the reign of his son, the kingdom fell into two parts, who were also at enmity with each other.


Judaism introduced the idea of ​​the Creation of the world (according to Aristotle, the world has always existed) and its finality - the arrival of the Messiah. The world has digested the spiritual discoveries of the Jews for a long time. A millennium after Shlomo, it adopted the belief of one of the Jewish sects, called Christianity, and a half a thousand years later, Protestantism and "American Zionism" emerged, later renamed by Jefferson into Americanism. Christians accepted the concept of the Messiah from the Jews, but decided that it was about Jesus, and set out to wait for his second coming.


Both in the beliefs of the Jews and Christians, prophecies connect the coming of the Messiah with a period of terrible troubles. They are described in the books of the prophets Zechariah, Ezekiel, in the predictions about the war of Gog from the country of Magog; among Christians - in the "Revelation of John the Theologian", in other prophecies about the Apocalypse. Both traditions can be traced in the "Tale of the Antichrist" by the Russian philosopher Vladimir Solovyov, written shortly before his death in the summer of 1900. In this prediction, the army of the ruler of the world, Antichrist, moves against Israel, where all the Jews have gathered (this prophecy was written in 1900!). The Jews are ready for battle, but in the valley near Jerusalem, in accordance with the prophecy of Zechariah, the land has parted and swallowed the entire army of Antichrist.

The traces of the army of Evil can be clearly seen in history. It is, too, replete with Jews. It was initiated by the baptism of Karl Marx, who, however, soon left Christianity as well. The motive behind his activity was, as the historian Paul Johnson showed, hatred of Jews and his desire to destroy their influence on the world.


The goals and strategy of the Marxist Communists are honestly expressed in their anthem, adopted by Russian Communists:


“We will destroy the whole world of violence

Down to the ground, and then,

We will build the New World, Our World.

The one who was nothing will become everything.”

The destruction of the world of violence by violence is not its rejection, rather the opposite. For those who were “nothing” to become “everything”, those who were “everything” must become nothing, which means to be physically killed. The coups carried out by the communists created real "worlds of violence" and killed more than a hundred million people on different continents.


But by the middle of the 20th century, the message of classical Marxism in the civilized world dried up. The communist countries sank into poverty, while the capitalist countries thrived into prosperity. A fresh wave of Jewish thinkers, the Frankfurt School, revamped the communism theory by developing a different strategy for destroying the old world -- Neo-Marxism. World War II carried the ideologues of Neo-Marxism to the United States, where they bred new disciples and laid the foundation for the American counter-revolution. The Neo-Marxism of the Europeans was radicalized by its American prophets - Saul Alinsky, mentor of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and Noel Ignatiev, who devised ways to rid the world of the reactionary White Race.


Gradually, the new ideology achieved dominance in the American education system and indoctrinated several generations of young people. Based on neo-Freudianism, through the works of Adorno and Marcuse, it managed to destroy the traditional sexual morality and undermine the basis of the functioning of humanity - the relationship between a man and a woman. The traditional ethics and culture of the Judeo-Christian civilization were deemed as flawed, the notion of the American "melting pot" was replaced by the enmity of racial minorities to the white majority, the main problem of America was proclaimed "white privilege", and the main evil in society was recognized to be white males. For a political victory in the United States, the Neo-Marxists used the idea of Chinese ​hongweibings - Red Guards fanatics, creating the Antifa movement, and the Nazi-like assault troops, which acquired the name Black Lives Matter (BLM).  


More details about the ideas and ways of Neo-Marxism can be found in a recent article by Pinchas Polonsky "Neo-Marxist" Wokeism" and the crisis of America - 2020".

The power of Neo-Marxists in the United States, having anti-Zionism among their main doctrines, poses a great danger to Israel, which is under the noticeable cultural influence of the United States. It is reinforced by financial injections into the public life of Israel by all sorts of anti-Zionist foundations, both Jewish from America and non-Jewish from Europe. Social studies in Israeli universities are taught heavily in their Neo-Marxist version. For example, one study found that there is not a single non-leftist professor in the Department of Social Sciences at Ben Gurion University.


This is one of the explanations for the mass character of the Black Flags movement, which calls for the expulsion of the democratically elected and, as polls show, popular Prime Minister Netanyahu. A very peculiar understanding of democracy by Neo-Marxists is the demand to ignore or cancel choices of the majority. And the black color of the flags is probably borrowed from the BLM movement, as well as the idea of ​​a 6-ton kneeling monument of “The Hero of Israel”, briefly installed by the sculptor Itai Zalait in the center of Jerusalem, depicting - is it by chance? - the public form of rejection of Americanism adopted in the United States, as well as the ritual of submission of the leaders of the American Democrats to the pogromists of Antifa and BLM.


The danger to Israel is compounded by its extremely poorly tailored system of government. The country has genius high-tech developers who changed the world, agricultural converters, outstanding doctors and specialists who have found a solution to desalinating sea water, amazing army scouts who can steal half a ton of secret documents from the capital of a hostile state, and the military force who have won almost supernatural victories. But, with such an abundance of talents, the rest of them folks must be put somewhere. It looks like they are being sent to serve as Knesset members.


Israelis believe in miracles, so they like to vote for unverified new parties, even if they are composed of retired bureaucrats (as was the case in 2006), for retired generals, whose experience in civilian life is no more useful than a civilian in the army, for poorly educated journalists (like Yair Lapid, who did not even get a high school certificate). Party leaders do not hesitate to openly pursue their career goals in the Knesset to the detriment of Israel's interests, be guided by personal preferences, settle scores, and openly lie to voters. It turns out, in elections people vote not candidates, but for parties.

So, one of the leaders of the Kahol-Lavan party, General Boogie Ya'alon, after the elections in March 2020, said: his party, promising that if it succeeded, would not rule based on Arab parties and would not enter a coalition with Prime Minister Netanyahu, lied, realizing that his promises contradict one another and one of them will be broken. On the question of what promise to break, the party split into two. But they did not lose their electorate.


Gideon Saar, who recently left the Likud, created the New Hope party, which polls promise after the new elections of 17-20 seats in the Knesset (new things attract Jews). Saar said he would not join the coalition with Bibi. This may mean that he is ready to be a member of only the left government. Or, if it's a lie, mean nothing.


Former right-wing party Yamina, as Caroline Glick reported in her article, has abandoned the right-wing program and "does not exclude the possibility of a center-left coalition with the Yesh Atid, Meretz and NDI parties."


All this "policy of communal kitchen" led to the fact that the leaders of the Israeli parties were unable to create a government neither after the April nor after the September 2019 elections and have missed a grand historic opportunity, perhaps the only one in a generation, given to Israel by President Trump's extremely Jewish-friendly administration. Is Israel ready now, as Glick puts it, for the "grim four-year tunnel of the Biden administration"?


The new US administration is staffed with Obama's men. The former president himself, who remained obscure during Trump's four years in the office, ominously warned in his new book that he was “not yet ready to give up on the opportunities America presents,” and returned to the forefront of history. After a successful election, Lili Loofbourow, staff writer for online liberal site “Slate” noted: “the ex-president is everywhere”. Indeed, he has moved to the center of public life.


It should be remembered that it was Obama, during his 8 years of rule, as he promised, “radically transformed the United States,” instilling in it the ideals of neo-Marxism, flavored with a pro-Islamist foreign policy. Is Obama the Antichrist that Christians fearfully await, or Gog from the country of Magog (it is unknown where Obama came from; his metric, as proved by two independent expert groups, is fake. Maybe from Magog)?


Judaism indicates the time of the arrival of the Messiah and the cataclysms his arrival will be accompanying. Religious thinker Arie Barats writes: “Just as the world was created in six days, so the history will continue in six days”. These "six days" correspond to six thousand years, of which 5781 have already passed. The correspondence between "day" and "a thousand years" is taken from the words of the psalm: " For a thousand years in Your sight Are like yesterday when it passes by." (90.4) ". In this quote, I am bewildered by the number of years that have passed since the creation of Adam.


Jewish chronology assumes that our ancestors spent 210 years in Egypt. This is based on the years of the life of her characters given to us by the Torah. But the Torah explicitly states that “The time of the stay of the sons of Israel, which they were in Egypt, was 430 years” (Exodus 12:40). Jewish time is not linear - this can be seen in many Hasidic legends. And Torah information should be taken seriously.


If we add to the traditional 210 years of our Egyptian Galut, on which the age of mankind in 5781 is based, those 220 years that distinguish them from those given by the Torah, we will find that we live today in the predicted Messianic time, in the year 6001. Thus, the return to power over the gentile world of the sinister figure of Obama, who hates the Jewish state, takes on a mystical meaning.

                                                                                    Translated by Alla Axelrod 12/18/2020

 [AA1]Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1779-1831)was a German philosopher and the most important figure in German idealism.

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