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Empires At The Time Of Decline

Empires At The Time Of Decline

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Everything must come to its end. Great empires and entire civilizations die. The Roman Empire was the prototype of the modern states with their chosen governments and the established judicial system, education, culture and science. The signs of her decline are also showing in the current empires.
Rome wore out its pagan religion, and Christianity that came to replace it from Judea, needed many centuries of development into a new civilization. It had to go through the sadism of the Inquisition, the absurdity of indulgences, the revelations of the Reformation and the religious wars, in order to be able to produce a model for Western civilization — the North American States.
Other causes of the death of the Western Roman Empire are the demographic degeneration associated with the crisis of the family institution and the replacement of its population by barbarians who resettled on its territory. German historian of ancient Rome Theodore Mommzen said: “Celibacy and the absence of children became more and more common … Among married people, children were considered a burden … As a result, the Latin component of Italy’s population was declining and its provinces were partially populated by parasitic immigrants, and partially desolate.” Over the time, the barbarians hired the army that looted and destroyed Rome.”
Soviet Marxism also spawned its inquisition, corruption of indulgences, and also destroyed the empire – the Russian Empire.
Unlike Christianity, Kims dynasty’s modifications of Marxism in North Korea, Castro in Cuba, Pol Pot, Chavez and Maduro in Venezuela did not reveal the ability of this form of religion to reformation. But the history of the modifications of Marxism is not yet complete…
Recently, another great power, the United States, also entered the stage of extinction, and it is also modeled on ancient Rome. Its Judeo-Christian basis began to lose its incontestability. The political and cultural establishment of the country, young people and minorities are increasingly turning a favorable eye towards the ideas of socialism. The platform of the Democratic Party became socialist.
As once in Rome, there is an intense migration of the peoples of other civilizations into the USA — Latinos, Muslims and Africans. The ideas of socialism are familiar to Latin Americans; in their own countries they often yield power to socialist dictators — from Peron in Argentina, Castro in Cuba and Allende in Chile to Chavez and Maduro in Venezuela. Across the Mexican border, this political culture spreads to the United States along with the illegal immigrants and social ills of its southern neighbors, such as the bloody gangs of MS-13 and drug trafficking.
The cultural establishment of US adopted the doctrine according to which the evil of America was introduced into the country by its creators — people from Europe. This evil is coded in the “white privilege” meme. So in colleges, progressive professors and students refuse to study the heritage of European culture, for example, the works of “dead white poets” like Shakespeare. Obama has already proclaimed that the United States was created by Muslims.  Another version says  “black slaves”.
The progressive group of “white men”, they say, is especially despicable. The war against white men, now being waged in the United States, also has a counterpart in the ancient world. The warlike Amazons did not allow men into their state, and the boys who were born were killed. The contribution of the Amazons to civilization is non-existent. The outstanding spiritual achievements of antiquity — in science, in philosophy, in art, with rare exceptions such as poetry born to Lesbos Sappho, which sang of lesbian love, almost exclusively belonged to men.
In Western civilization, women have traditionally been assigned the role of wives and mothers, the stronger sex assumed the active role in the society. Great creators of its culture and science, such as Bach, Beethoven and Mozart; Dante, Shakespeare and Goethe; Leonardo, Rembrandt and Chagall; Newton and Einstein; Hegel and Kant were men. Americanism (the name of the ideology of the emerging society introduced by Jefferson) was created by white men. The American militia in the War of Independence was led by George Washington, and his wife Martha only accompanied him on campaigns.
Only men participated in elections in the USA. This provision was changed by suffragists, having won the right to vote for women in the 1920s. Gradually, women began to receive a decent education and joined men in areas considered exclusively male. At first this collaboration was healthy. But feminists see the process of promoting women not as a collaboration of the two halves of humanity, but as a competition and even as a war between the sexes. They managed to criminalize the inevitable sexual background that is present at the contacts of men and women.
Open hostilities began with Senate hearings for approval by a member of the US Supreme Court Clarence Thomas in September 1991. Thomas’ employee of many years, Anita Hill, who followed the judge along the steps of his career, accused Thomas of conducting indecent conversations in her presence.  No one could confirm or refute this accusation, but a large female prosecutor support group with the motto “We believe Anita Hill” appeared. This was the first serious attack on the presumption of innocence – the cornerstone of Western jurisprudence.
Nowadays, the slogan: «We believe women» has become a mainstream of feminist movements. It means that any accusation of a man’s sexual activity by a woman, including an indiscreet look, must be accepted by society and the judicial system without evidence, and severely punished.
Demonstration of this trend was the recent hearing of the of the Supreme Court candidate Brett Kavanaugh. The senators seriously investigated the suspicions of Kavanaugh’s schoolmate at Yale University that the penis, which she imagined she saw in a state of extreme intoxication 30 years ago, could belong to a future candidate for the Supreme Court.
In general, the behavior of the participants of this powerful feminist movement in the United States is extremely obscene, even shameless. The day after President Trump’s inauguration, tens of thousands of women took part in protest demonstrations, putting pink caps on their heads, which symbolized, they said, their vaginas. It is impossible to imagine a similar demonstration done by men. The protesters fiercely yelled obscenities, and their superstar Madonna offered to blow up the White House.
The first to go “on the forum” was Obama Administration Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The main argument for her election was “it’s time to have a woman president.” Not experience or qualification, not even extensive corruption in which it was implicated, but gender. The witch-like state secretary under Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright, threatened: «A woman who does not vote for Hillary will go to hell.»
Starting with the mid-term elections of 2018, feminist crowds, swearing and cursing President Trump, rushed into power. Their main topics included  abortions not limited in terms and socialism, now they subtly added Anti-Semitism and hatred of Israel.
At first, progressive Jewish women enthusiastically met the idea of ​​a permanent “Women’s March”. But one of the leaders of the march, Palestinian Arab Linda Sarsour, stated that the goals of the march are inseparable from the rejection of Israel, and the other, Tamika Mallory, declared Luis Farrakhan, American Hitler, to be a great man. Openly pro-HAMAS lobby is  composed in the US Congress of the newly elected Muslim women from the Democratic Party: Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar. The most popular leader of the Democratic Party today is 29 years old congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), whom  more than 70% of Democrats would like to see as the US president. She  said that Israel is occupying Palestine. On February 3rd  Ocasio-Cortes discussed on a phone  with the pathological anti-Semitic leader of the British Labor Party, Jeremy Corbin, the creation of a new transatlantic alliance. “It was an honor to share such a beautiful and large-scale conversation with you,” Alexandra tweeted to this anti-Semite. So what will determine the object of solidarity of progressive Jewish women — their Jewishness or their vaginas?
The 8 years of Obama and the seemingly inevitable presidency of Hillary aimed to permanently bury Americanism. Trump’s unexpected victory, his reforms, and the fierce opposition of the establishment to them underline the similarity of the American experience with the decline of Rome.
Trump, who promises to return the lost greatness to America (the abbreviation of this promise  MAGA — Make America Great Again), outlined the primary task of the USA — to stop the uncontrolled immigration through its Southern border, enclosing the country with a wall. The Trump project is facing fierce opposition from the Democratic Party, for which it is a question of establishing its hegemony. If the Democrats maintain an uncontrolled influx of Latinos, the United States will lose its image and soon will become a version of the Democratic-controlled Mexico.
Probably, the point of no return on this path has already been passed. Hillary, who lost the presidential election, scored almost 3 million more votes than Trump. In the midterm elections, the Democrats, despite the remarkable success of the Trump administration in its first 2 years, won the House of Representatives. Democratic electorate is much younger than the Republicans, so it will outlast them.
What does the progressive domination of America promise to America? The outstanding linguist, Professor Igor Milchuk, in his recent address to the Russian-speaking Americans, predicted a catastrophe: “The Khmer Rouge in the USA? It is impossible to believe in it, but the world did not believe its eyes even the moment Hitler came to power … Loud words are inevitably followed by shooting cellars, torture chambers and death camps! ”
But for some reason there was a victory for Trump in the election, it was a miracle! Will the 8 years of his successful presidency change the pernicious inertia of the development of public consciousness?
Emperor Justinian was ruling in Byzantium in the 6th century. He wanted to give the Roman Empire its former greatness. He regained control of the Apennine Peninsula, pushed the barbarians from the Pyrenees and out of North Africa. But he couldn’t change the course of history.
I am afraid Trump can repeat Justinian’s valiant and mournful way. The whole body of American society has changed. Traditional morality and family values ​​are rejected. Only 60% of children are born in marriage (Now I must add  — opposite sex marriage). Christianity is losing influence, atheism and socialism are growing. The inquisition of «political correctness» is affirmed.
You can’t hide from this catastrophe behind any wall.
Translation by Alla Axerod  © 2/7/2019

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