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Boris Gulko | American grotesques


Boris Gulko | American grotesques

USA is a country of grotesques. The rains here easily turn into hurricanes, washing away the whole cities, strong winds – in tornadoes, blowing away villages. Fertilized by a powerful landing of emigrants from Europe during the period of WWII America in the second half of the 20th century gave mighty shoots in many fields of science and culture. Writers like Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Faulkner, Steinbeck, Updike, a succession of Jewish American writers – Salinger, Bashevis Singer, Bellow, Malamed, Azimov, Roth, Wouk have become a phenomenon of world culture. The world listened and danced all sorts of rock and rolls and twists, like America did, everyone watched American movies. The American democracy with its Constitution, freedom of speech and press has become the rule of law model of political life.

Photo copyright: Elvert Barnes, CC BY-SA 2.0

In the period after 2008, with the arrival of Obama in the White House, in a short period of time, American culture has disappeared, vanished into a thin air. Americanism – Jewish-Christian ideology and traditional morality – were replaced by the ideology of neo-Marxism and morality of postmodernism. In recent years, the realities of totalitarianism from 20th century appeared, such as: from the Chinese Cultural Revolution – kneeling as a sign of humiliation, intensified by the washing feet of the new hegemons by despicable white-skinned people; from the Third Reich – racial theories – in the United States they are called “critical race theory”, as well as the doctrine of the sin of “white privilege”. The terror of the storm troops of the Nazis reflected in the United States pogroms of gangs BLM and Antifa. The local “Kristallnacht” broke out after death in hospital from a drug overdose of the black giant Floyd – a repeat offender and drug addict detained by the police for counterfeiting. Smashed and burned, however, were not only the businesses of Jews, as in Germany, but everything that represents traditional America. Later, at one of the universities, they installed as a sign of culture change, the “George Floyd Fellowship”. I wonder which of the hero’s deeds one needs to repeat to deserve it?

The theme of “Kristallnacht” arose recently in the transformation of the American media, according to Lenin’s recipe, from a provider of information to a “collective propagandist”.

CNN’s most prominent journalist, Christiane Amanpour, once single-handedly won Bosnian Serb War – her reports from that war, full of sympathy for Muslims, were, though deceitful, highly effective, and prompted President Clinton to bomb Serbian militia. Now, on the anniversary of the terror of Kristallnacht, Amanpour likened the Trump presidency to the crime of “Kristallnacht”. Two Israeli ministries: foreign affairs and diaspora relations, protested CNN for such an outrage over the memory of the victims of the Holocaust.

Finally, from the repressive practices of the USSR, America has appropriated a “culture of canceling” according to which people who have not accepted the new dominant ideology are “canceled”.

Those on the blacklist are excluded from professional and social life.

This also applies to cultural and public figures who worked in the past, even a hundred or more years ago. The graphic image of the “canceling” of people in the United States – the destruction of their monuments.

Recently on the list of people to be “canceled”, was the English-speaking world-renowned writer: the creator of the Harry Potter epic Joan Rowling. She objected to the elimination of gender: “When you open doors bathrooms and changing rooms for any man who believes or feels that he is a woman … then you open doors in general for all men who want to enter”. In addition, Rowling noted that replacing the word “woman” with disgusting label “Menstruating person” is humiliating for many. Rowling acquired a mysterious label “trans- exclusionary radical feminist.”

These and other examples of the new culture look wild and, it seems, should soon disappear. But this culture was adopted as a compulsory by US educational system from cradle to academy, and anyone in the education system or in the corporate world who rejects it is subject to “cancellation” and is thrown out of a meaningful life.

Most of the youth indoctrinated in American education, absorbed this culture of dying American culture.

Harvard professor Ruth Weiss noted years ago that a health indicator of a democratic nation is its attitude towards Jews. The rise of anti-Semitism in America testifies to the corruption and decay that overtook its social institutions and values. Colleges and US universities, their Democratic Party is hostile to Israel. Not easy for a pro-Israel student to stay on a university campus. The more popular targets of aggression by BLM and Antifa are synagogues and Jewish businesses.

At the beginning of the essay, I hesitated, admitting that not everything dies. Of course, anti-Semitism is eternal, but this is because Jews are eternal. Leaving the dying Russian Empire, in the land of Israel they have implemented the Zionist project; they escaped from the decaying USSR and contributed to the flourishing of Israel. That’s why now American Jews who want to save their children from the indoctrination of the American educational system, have an opportunity to join their forever young people with their eternal values in a reborn Israel.

Translated by Alla Axelrod 11/22/20

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