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Boris Gulko

From what little I've learned from the university course of philosophy, the idea of ​​the dialectical method was essential for me. Without delving into the differences between Hegel and Marx, with theses and antitheses, categories and laws, I understood the essence of this method in the need to consider all phenomena not statically, but in their development.

This method is clearly expressed in a joke so old that hardly anyone else remembers it: the Pole sees a guy wearing one sneaker on the Soviet side the border. 
"Lost it?" - the Pole asks sympathetically?
“Found it,” the guy replies joyfully.

Now, from afar, I watch with horror what is happening in America, in which I lived for 33 years. An epidemic has gripped the country much worse than the corona virus - an epidemic of insanity.

External signs: the white youth of the richest and most successful country in history is ready to lay down their lives in order to destroy it, turning it into a mixture of Venezuela and Somalia. The first attacks of this mental illness appeared in September 2011 in the form of a quiet insanity of the “Occupy Wall Street”, protesting ... what difference does it make what were they protesting?
The "occupants” didn’t ruin anything, settled in tents on the central squares of cities, littered these spaces (and everything around it) something awful with garbage and human waste, illustrating the metaphor from the tale of Breslav by rabbi Nachman: “How something small can produce something big.” A few months later, the sanitary services dispersed these quiet idiots, and the manure was removed.

Later, some perverted rich uncles subsidized the grown ones of the "occupants” and others, and they united into the ominous Antifa. The similar thing happened at the beginning of the 20th century in Russia and in the 30s in Germany. Later, these blood tasting young males hung their "rich uncles" by their necks.

The current riot began with a minor incident in Minneapolis - the death of a hefty bandit Floyd, with a long rap sheet and 5 years in prison for armed robbery, and now was detained for trying to pay off with counterfeit money. The country, in a state of mass psychosis, began to repeat the words after the provocateurs, because the bandit allegedly had been strangled by the police officer who had detained him. Floyd was heard shouting: "I can't breathe!" Although this scream is the policeman’s best alibi: try shouting something meaningful if you are really strangled!

Doctors in the hospital stated that Floyd died from cardiac arrest. A heavy drug “crystal meth” was discovered in the blood of the deceased, which is also called methamphetamine. It destroys the heart, as in the case of Floyd. It makes one very sick (we can assume that this was not his first dose of “crystal”). An autopsy did not reveal any signs of strangulation. If the cop really strangled Floyd, what did he do all the time from strangulation to getting his heart to stop? Got another fix?

There is another “medical opinion” given by an “expert hired by the family,” or their guardians who organized the All-American pogrom. According to this conclusion, Floyd's cry indicates that he died of suffocation.

After this medical conclusion, which didn't even deserve a mention in the police report of the event, a well prepared rioting began across all of the USA.  All observers, including the president and vice-president of the country, politically correctly divided the rioters into "legitimately protesting" and robbers. Who would explain: what was they “legally protested” against? Even if the death of Floyd was really the fault of the policeman, then he was already arrested, and an investigation was underway. If we are talking about the value of "black life" - then why not protest against the fact that in the week preceding the misfortune of Floyd, 82 people received gunshot wounds in Chicago in internal showdowns, 22 of them fatal? Why not protest in Chicago then?

They are trying to seize the power. Strictly speaking, they already had the power over the country - 8 years of Obama's presidency. Obama changed the country's mainline, but still, Lenin and Hitler in such a situation, having taken power, would not have succumbed it. Either Obama turned out to be weak, or the revolutionary situation has not yet matured - the armies of Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) were not ready for the coup. Or, rather, Obama did not expect election defeat his successor Hillary, who pledged to continue his legacy. That's why his people, after the elections they lost, organized a conspiracy against the new President, mediocre like everything they were capable of. Now a statement by Obama’s "national security adviser" (third in the hierarchy) Susan Rice that the current riots in the United States was organized by Russia (?!) sounded like a joke.

Such explanation seems convincing to me – why rioting happened right now. At exactly the same time hearing began in the US Senate about the scandal of organizing a conspiracy against President Trump: they are already torturing the acting Minister of Justice Rod Rosenstein, who appointed a "special prosecutor" to investigate the mythical "Russian trace" in Trump's victory. We also know a lot about the fictitious case against Trump's first national security adviser, General Flynn, "stitched" by Obama's people to the FBI. The next in line are investigations of other "sons and daughters” of Obama's snake pit.  Accusations of high treason - the organization of a coup to overthrow a legitimately elected president - may follow. The Godfather himself is not immune from the prosecution.

Now the mob riots turned out to be very welcome. Senate hearings disappeared from the news feed.

In search of the seeds of the latest tragic events – namely the black riots and the left-wing youth supporting it –  let's go down to the past. In 1619, the first black Africans were brought into the New World and were sold into slavery. A time bomb was planted under the country.

Former US presidents understood disastrous racial issues for society. So the fifth president Monroe supported the return of former slaves to Africa and the organization for them on homeland, forming the new state of Liberia. Lincoln planned after the end of the Civil War to return already liberated blacks to Africa, providing them with the means for a new life. His killer thwarted this project.

In the first half of the twentieth century, the community of black Americans developed successfully. This dynamic has reversed by Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society Reform” of the 1960s. The black family, by that time more durable than the white, was destroyed by payments to women for children born out of marriage. Blacks got privileges by “Affirmative action” program. This killed Martin Luther King’s famous “dream” of the future, in which, he suggested: “My four children will live in a country where they will be judged not by the color of their skin, but in accordance with their personal qualities.” It has become noticeably more profitable to be black than white. As Hegel explained in the theory of dialectics, everything finite is changeable and transient, and therefore this finite, becoming in itself very different, goes beyond what it is directly and goes into its opposite (sorry for the heavy language). Institutional racism that existed earlier (now it is a fashionable trend) against blacks turned in the USA into an institutional racism against whites. Now we are no longer surprised by the unpunished robberies of white shops and businesses by blacks and white cops kneeling in front of a crowd of blacks. Prime Minister of Canada Trudeau, US presidential candidate Biden as well as Senator Chuck Schumer were seen kneeling before blacks.

President Trump, obliged to defend the people of America, discovered that his power in the country began to crumble like decayed parchment. Police officers, subordinate to the left mayors of the cities, turned, against the background of the robberies and vandalism, into ghosts. The National Guard, at the disposal of the left-wing state governors, was in the same condition. The president decided to stop the atrocities and use the army. But her commander opposed.

Then Trump tried to appeal directly to Christians, citizens of the United States. He walked from the White House to the church burned by the rioters and raised his hand in front of it, holding a Bible. But it seems that the Americans already began to worship not Jesus, but the bandit Barabbas. Or maybe it was the media covering the events, which overwhelmingly took the side of the rebels - some kind of hellish mixture of scum Antifa, BLM,  mysterious "anti-globalists", silly "opponents of climate change" and other products of progressive American education. Electronic networks like Twitter began to mark the president’s messages as fake, or even simply erased them. Information spread, probably fake, that when a crowd of rioters moved to the White House, the president, not trusting the left-wing Washington police, took refuge in a bunker under the White House, like Bush Jr. on 9/11 (in fact, Bush was far from Washington that day). In a much more favorable situation for himself, the Russian Tsar abdicated his Throne in desperation in February 1917.

The next step in the new American revolution, the rebels outlined the abolition of the police as an institution, which is already underway in Minnesota. The police, today slandered and demoralized, is that thin layer that separates American society from chaos. Progressive police denial of funding will turn the United States into large Somalia.

And, the final step in the destruction of the United States is gradually implemented into the minds of people idea of ​​paying black Americans compensation for the past slavery. Named amount of $ 14 trillion would make them the owners of the country, plus leaving Americans in eternal debt to them.

Happy multinational, let alone multiracial, societies do not exist. The USSR collapsed, leaving as a legacy the enmity of former fellow citizens of different nations. Armenians fought with Azerbaijanis, Russians with Georgians, with Chechens, with Ukrainians. Even the European civilized Czechs and Slovaks, when the opportunity arose, as a result of the "velvet revolution", divided into two states. Racial contradictions among peoples living together are even more desperate.

In Africa, for instance, Europeans created two extremely successful countries: South Africa and Southern Rhodesia. After blacks came to power there, whites had to flee. Both countries quickly sank into African savagery. Is this the guiding light of the organizers of the rebellion which is taking place in America?

The USA was created as a “melting pot” for Europeans who moved there. It worked successfully for a long time, and even the Jews who usually live apart now are rapidly dissolving among other Americans. Another thing is racial differences. They are indelible. So Obama, having a white mother, remained black. For three centuries of living together, the merger of two racial groups into one people, as shown by the current rebellion, still didn't happen.

For such a large-scale event as the All-American rioting, a brain center is needed that directs and subsidizes progressive youth organizations like Antifa and BLM that organized the violence. Judging by the time of the uprising, which coincided with the marked start of the Senate hearings, I would suspect that this center is located at the top of the Democratic Party, more precisely in the former headquarters of Obama.

It is hardly possible to destroy such a powerful country as the United States with one blow, even with such a massive one, like these past violent riots. The success or futility of the current explosion of violence will be shown in the November elections. The party of destruction of the USA was the Democratic Party, that moved on the left beyond horizon. Now it is polling ahead of the Republican one. Their presidential candidate, Biden, determined the number of “bad people” in America who oppose the Democrats at 10-15%.

I hope he is mistaken, and they are still the majority.
                                                                                             Translated by Alla Axelrod,   June11, 2020.  

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