среда, 27 сентября 2017 г.

Three young Israelis were brutally murdered by a Palestinian terrorist this morning.

Three young Israelis were brutally murdered by a Palestinian terrorist this morning.
Solomon Gavriya, 20, Or Arish and Youssef Ottman, both 25, were standing guard just outside of Jerusalem in Har Adar when a Palestinian terrorist opened fire.These heroes stopped the terrorist from murdering more innocents. They paid for their bravery with their lives.
Shocked residents learned the terrorist was a long-time Palestinian worker in the village. “The man who cleaned our house for 2.5 years was the terrorist. This was a man who we talked with, whom my children gave drinks and food.”
Hundreds of Palestinians took to the streets to celebrate the murders. The terrorist was named a martyr. His family will receive lifetime payments from the Palestinian government.
It is a sharp contrast with murdered guard Youssef Ottman, an Arab-Israeli from the nearby town of Abu Ghosh that is hailed as a model of peace where Jews, Christians and Muslims all live together.
Israel wants peace. The Palestinian Authority pays terrorists who want to kill innocent Israelis. Yet governments around the world keep sending billions in aid money to the PA, including America.
If the world stays silent, the blood of these innocent Israelis will be on their hands. If you want the world to take real action to stop Palestinian terror, join your voice to the 46,000 people who have signed our petition at IsraelIsUnderAttack.com
Our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and families of the three murdered young men. It is impossible to imagine what they must be going through.
Baruch Dayan Ha'Emet - may their memory be a blessing.
The Israel Project

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