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TRAITOR! Texas Elector Who Will Oppose Trump BUSTED, He’s Tied To…

Anti-Trump Texas Electoral College delegate Chris Suprun made national headlines yesterday when he said he would not be casting a vote for the president-elect.  Today, if now deleted tweets are accurate, why he is refusing to support the winner of the 2016 presidential election!

Chris Suprun, a Republican, has allegedly been linked to super liberal Van Jones’s new public relations firm, Megaphone Strategies.  The Texas elector’s Twitter timeline was allegedly filled with not only Never Trump nonsense, but also evidence of Megaphone Strategies PR firm activity.

Megaphone Strategies’ mission is to “use PR as a tool to diversify progressive movements,” the Gateway Pundit notes.  CNN political contributor Van Jones and his strategist pal, Molly Haigh, launched Megaphone Strategies earlier this year, according to Fishbowl DC.  Van Jones is the chairman of the “social justice media strategy firm.”  Molly High is the president and tapped to lead the initial five staff members of the firm.

“Everywhere we look, we discover courageous people finding ways to break down barriers and solve tough problems.  We need to hear their voices, and we need to elevate their work,” Van Jones said about the formation of the liberal strategy firm.

In addition to Chris Suprun, Megaphone Strategies’ alleged clients include Netroots Nation, Green for All, and Demand Progress.  However, Hillary Clinton shouldn’t get excited about the Texas elector’s vow to not vote for Donald Trump—Suprun said he isn’t voting for her either.

Since Chris Suprun announced he would not follow the will of the people in his state and cast his Electoral College vote for race winner Donald Trump, the Republican has experienced an intense amount of well-deserved backlash.  Patriots are calling on the Republican Texas governor to remove Suprun from the North Texas Electoral College delegation.

Suprun has been called a “traitor,” “idiot,” “coward,” “a disgrace to Texas,” “another corrupt establishment dirt bag,” and nothing more than an “attention whore.”  Chris Suprun has been told by many social media posters he had better cast his vote for Donald Trump or be prepared to be run right out of the Lone Star State.

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