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"Sessions as AG raises stakes for Comey, Clinton"

"Sessions as AG raises stakes for Comey, Clinton"


That headline presents a massive opportunity for justice.

Should Donald Trump's top choice, Senator Jeff Sessions, be confirmed as the next Attorney General, Hillary Clinton may finally face justice.

But it will require a tidal wave of citizens demanding Sessions uphold the rule of law.

If Hillary gets off scot-free -- yet again -- it will set a horrible precedent.

Even more politicians will think they are above the very laws they write.

That's why it's vital we swamp Jeff Sessions' office with petitions demanding he pledge to bring Hillary Clinton to justice.

So won't you please sign your "Don't Let Hillary Off The Hook" petition immediately?

You see, Hillary Clinton, her allies in the mainstream media and corrupt bureaucrats are hoping you'll forget about Hillary's scandals.

As you may remember, FBI Director James Comey discovered more emails as part of a separate investigation into Anthony Weiner's "sexting" with an underage female.

How did this involve Hillary Clinton?

Anthony Weiner is married to Huma Abedin -- a top aide to Hillary Clinton.

She and her husband share the laptop, which, according to James Comey, contained enough information to reopen their investigation of Hillary Clinton.

It's been over a month and now, according to Lisa Olson -- the Justice Department lawyer in charge of the case -- the FBI has yet to turn over any of the emails found on Anthony Weiner's laptop.

But, LILIA, I'm not buying it.

Even after her defeat, it's up to patriots like you and me to ensure Hillary is not above the law.

That's why I'm counting on you to please sign your "Don't Let Hillary Off The Hook" petition to Senator Jeff Sessions right away.

As you may remember, Huma Abedin previously stated -- under oath -- that she had searched through all of her devices for any government emails to make sure they were all turned over to the State Department.

When she left the State Department, she also signed a legal document stating that she no longer had any emails or other government-related information in her possession.

LILIA, if this were any other American, they'd be prosecuted for perjury to the fullest extent of the law.

But I guess you and I shouldn't be surprised.

After all, as more and more information surrounding her emails was leaked to the public, it became apparent that Hillary Clinton and her cronies violated several laws as part of this massive cover-up scandal.

There are the "mass deletions" of emails immediately after news of her private email server became public, despite receiving a subpoena and order not to destroy any records from the House Committee investigating the Benghazi scandal...

There are the "lost" laptops, Blackberries and other mobile devices (over 8 "lost" and others destroyed by a hammer) used by Hillary Clinton to illegally access classified information...

...There are the emails showing her staff in cahoots with the entire Barack Obama Department of Justice over the investigation of her illegal secret server...

...And there are the multiple Clinton accomplices who received full "immunity" for their crimes during the FBI's investigation.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

You could fill an entire book with crime after crime committed by Hillary Clinton.

That's why you and I must not allow Hillary Clinton to continue to get away with her crimes.

If you agree, here's what you can do to help make sure Hillary Clinton doesn't get off the hook this time:

First, please click here to sign your "Don't Let Hillary Off The Hook" petition demanding the next Attorney General to prosecute Hillary.

Now that President-elect Trump has announced Senator Jeff Sessions as his pick for Attorney General, America's Liberty Committee is doubling down on our efforts to contact hundreds of thousands of activists and grassroots supporters across the nation, asking them to sign their petitions.

Our plan includes:
Email, direct mail and phone calls to mobilize constitutional conservatives to pressure Jeff Sessions to prosecute Hillary; 
Running cutting-edge social media ads to bring public scrutiny to the worst abuses of Hillary's corruption;
If funding allows it, purchasing time for hard-hitting TV and strategic radio ads to remind the public no one is above the law
But no part of America's Liberty Committee's plan can be accomplished without your help.

So after you've signed your petition, please consider chipping in a contributionto help offset the cost of our efforts to bring Hillary Clinton to justice.

It's vital for America's Liberty Committee to deliver hundreds of thousands of petitions to President-elect's pick for Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.

So please sign your "Don't Let Hillary Off the Hook" petition and chip in a generous contribution of $40 or $30 to prosecute Hillary.

If that's too much at this time, please consider $20 or at least $10.

Whatever amount you can afford, all I ask is that you please do all you can.

Thanks to modern technology, $40, $30, $20 or even $10 can help us reach thousands of Americans.

But most importantly, be sure to add your name to the fight by signing your "Don't Let Hillary Off the Hook" petition to President-elect Donald Trump and Senator Jeff Sessions.

Thank you in advance for taking action.

Together, you and I can bring justice to Hillary and restore the rule of law in America.

But only if patriots like you, LILIA, rise up.

In Liberty,

John McCardell, President
America's Liberty Committee

P.S. Jeff Sessions -- President-elect Donald Trump's pick for Attorney General -- will be the one responsible for prosecuting Hillary.

This gives us a tremendous opportunity for justice. But it's vital we urge Sessions to prosecute Hillary before his confirmation.

That's why I'm counting on you to sign your "Don't Let Hillary Off the Hook" petition to Sessions right away.

And once you've signed your petition, I hope you'll chip in a contribution to help America's Liberty Committee make sure Hillary Clinton is held accountable.

Your generous contribution will allow America's Liberty Committee to mobilize patriots all across the country, asking them to sign their petitions and stand with you and me in this fight.

So please sign your petition and chip in a contribution at once.

America's Liberty Committee is a not-for-profit organization. Because America's Liberty Committee serves as a citizen's voice and lobbies on state and federal legislative activities, contributions are not tax-deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes or as business deductions under the Internal Revenue Code.

America's Liberty Committee
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Warrenton, VA 20186

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