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Jacob Fraden | I Accuse!


Jacob Fraden | I Accuse!

От автора. Месяца 3 назад я по-русски опубликовал свой памфлет “Я обвиняю!”, который с тех пор довольно активно ходит по русскоязычному интернету в разных формах.

Я получаю немало просьб от читателей прислать этот текст по-английски, чтобы его могли прочитать те, кто по-русски не читают. Я решил сделать перевод, что и прилагаю.

Этот текст по возможности сбалансирован, так быть может даже совсем упёртые левые/правые увидят в нём рациональное зерно?

— — —

The US Constitution and all of its 27 amendments are based on the most important First Amendment, thanks to which the country has existed for 244 years and that is the basis of thriving the modern civilization – The Freedom of Speech. It was this The Freedom of Speech that was de facto canceled as a result of the coup d’état that took place in the United States in the “elections” on November 3 last year and approved de jure by Congress on January 6 this year.

Every U.S. citizen is not indifferent to who wins the elections. It may happen that your candidate won, yet sometimes he lost. The country existed with such a pendulum for many years, and nothing terrible happened, everything went on as usual and the United States generally lived well, even better than most other countries. Sure, conservatives like me could be saddened and disappointed when someone whom we considered as an inept president, like Carter, Clinton, or Obama, won the election, but we didn’t cry, nor fall into hysterics. We perceived this as inevitable price for the right to freely choose. So, this time, albeit with bitterness, I could well come to terms with the fact that Trump lost the election, while mediocre Biden won. Some of my friends consoled: “Don’t worry, we survived Obama, and we will survive this setback as well.” No, my dear, I’m afraid we won’t survive this! The fact is that having chosen a mediocre president (by at least 50% of the U.S. population), together with him the country chose the suicidal path of destruction of Freedom of Speech — the foundation of its very existence. Without this foundation, democracy staggered, cracks have run along its pillars, and it’s not too difficult to guess what will happen in the end. This fatal choice is the greatest tragedy not only for America, but for the entire Western civilization.

In connection with the Dreyfus case 122 years ago, Emile Zola published an open letter to the President of France and accused the French and him personally of anti-Semitism. The letter was titled “J’accuse!” (I accuse!). Without a slightest hope in any way to be compared with the great writer, today I want to repeat his angry and bitter words, yet on a different occasion — I accuse the American people, who overnight, like a worn off skin, discarded the vesture of civility, and I also accuse for this them all: the left, the right, and my past president.

I accuse the Left (Democrats and liberals of all shades) because they planned and purposefully implemented the destruction of freedom and democracy. Below is a far from complete list of what they have done over the past half a century and especially over the past year:

— At all levels of public education, from kindergartens to universities, they have brought up at least three generations of Americans in a neo-Marxist spirit.

— They destroyed all traditional American values: work ethics, hard work, independent thinking, pursuit of personal success, free competition.

— Contrary to the laws of nature, they planted the ideology of a universal equality in terms of individual qualities. They educate people in the belief that everyone is equal in their abilities, intelligence, talents, and efficiency. They prohibit distinguishing people by skin color, talents, academic and work success, and even gender (!), which leads to demoralization and a diminishing the quality of the population.

— For the ease of manipulation of the people, they invented an “enemy” — a white man and contrived derogatory labels (racist, supremacist, etc.) that are hung on anyone who disagrees with them.

— They declared the black race infallible, and any dark–skinned individual, regardless of his/her behavior and abilities, standing beyond any criticism — a demigod.

— They are rewriting history, destroying monuments to historical figures, removing from libraries, and banning the publication of classical and modern books that mention slavery or discuss advantages of capitalism over socialism.

— They created and funded the BLM and Antifa gangs, a modern version of the Mussolini’s black shirts or Hitler’s brown shirts. In order to intimidate the people and make them more manageable, in the summer of 2020, they organized and financed riots and lootings. This has demoralized the people to such an extent that the courts are afraid to try cases against the left. Along with the freedom of speech, the country now is losing the principle of separation of powers.

Jacob Fraden
Jacob Fraden

— They founded the “Cancel Culture” movement, reducing all the best and talented at the lowest level of mediocrity, which leads to the destruction of the country’s creative potential. They inculcate Newspeak, the language of political correctness that alters and even kills independent thinking.

— They prohibit the conduct of scientific research and the publication of any ideas and even indisputable facts that contradict their leftist ideology. They introduced censorship, in many respects superior to censorship in the USSR and Hitler’s Germany.

— They punish (expel from universities, fire from work) anyone who has the courage not only to publicly disagree with them, but even to show just an interest in the opposite opinion. They talk about the forced re-education in special camps of everyone who deviates from their party line.

— They falsified the holy of holies of democracy — the General Election.

— — —

I accuse the Right (Republicans and Independents of all shades) because they let everything go as it was, hoping for the inviolability of the foundation of the American Constitution, did not notice that explosives were planted under it and did nothing to de–mine.

— They are to blame for the fact that they did not or at least very anemically oppose everything that I accuse the left of. Without a fight they surrendered to the victor’s mercy and thus lost our beloved country.

— After Reagan, they were unable to single out from their ranks an effective and charismatic leader, and those who came out to the top, like the mediocre George W. Bush, brought only harm to the country.

— They could not effectively support Trump’s beneficial initiatives and turned themselves into either passive followers or even direct opponents.

— — —

I accuse Trump because he allowed all of this to happen. In his candidacy, he called for a return to traditional American values and make America a great country again. This caused an enthusiastic response from the ordinary people and thus he was able to win the 2016 elections. I myself voted for him then, and again in 2020, but to my great chagrin Trump deceived my expectations and therefore I accuse him of:

— Due to his eccentric, quarrelsome, and sometimes boorish behavior, he lost friends and made enemies for himself in all echelons of the state power. He himself became his own worst enemy. About half of the country’s population is still on his side, but these millions of supporters are nothing, just a crowd — alas, a crowd never has real political power. Real power in the country is in the hands of a relatively small class of bureaucrats and professional politicians, with whom he quarreled bitterly and, as a result, was left alone against the entire Washington swamp. He was replacing his advisers and heads of departments like worn off gloves. At the slightest disagreement with his closest associates, he insulted and often fired them. He turned against himself the entire leadership of the country: The Department of State, the Treasury, Justice, Education, the Command of the armed forces, the CIA, and the FBI. In his struggle, he was left completely alone without influential friends and associates, yet as you know, no man is an island. — The left has so thoroughly destroyed the ethics of work and seduced the people with an easy life that today in the country there are very few highly qualified scientists and technicians. For this reason, all large high-tech businesses have no choice but to hire foreigners. In Silicon Valley, 70% of all professionals are not U.S. citizens. Trump rashly signed a presidential decree sharply restricting entry to the country on work visas, which left the IT companies in a state of shock and badly hit their vital interests — no matter how they search, they can’t find American specialists by daylight with a candle! Scientists and other experts from India, China, Belarus, and other countries were even afraid to go home on vacation, fearing that they would not be allowed an entry back into the United States. Is it any wonder that Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and other media and information mega-businesses rebelled against Trump and waged a life-and-death war against him? Instead, he should have started a long and difficult path of restructuring the American education system and turning the spirit of the population towards traditional values. Creating your own base of specialists is a very long process, that may take perhaps more than one generation. Trump, however, wanted the impossible — immediate results, but instead turned the entire industry against himself.

— As a businessman, he thought that the country can be run like a business. But he did not consider that а head of any company is primarily concerned with the near future: to increase profits for the next year or two, at most three. It is impossible to find a businessman who runs his business based on future profit only after 10 or 20 years. Trump, with his good intentions and being a businessman, decided he could get quick results. However, what is good for business does not work that way in a huge country. In this he became like Khrushchev, the head of USSR, with his “voluntarist” methods of governing and therefore shared his fate.

— For the last 20–30 years, in the wake of globalization, in the pursuit of profit, many American companies stopped their own production and took the path of outsourcing. Almost everything: from clothing to computer chips to steel smelting to antibiotics today is made in China, Taiwan, India, and other countries where labor is relatively cheap. Instead of embarking on a long and arduous process of bringing production back to the country and cutting costs, Trump required businesses not to buy goods overseas, but to produce everything at home. He, like Putin of Russia, decided to introduce to the country a completely unrealistic policy of “import substitution” long before availability of raw materials and production capacities are developed, and prematurely started an economic war with China, which triggered a Chinese cyber war with hacker falsification of elections.

— He turned millions of Hispanics against himself when he opposed integration into the American society of “dreamers” — children of the illegal migrants from Latin America. These people were illegally brought into the country by their parents with the full connivance of past administrations. The blame for this lawlessness lies not with the migrants, who had a natural desire to move to a country with better living conditions, but with Democrats and Republicans, who did not keep the borders shut. So why now, after so many years, destroy the lives of these people? Trump did not show understanding and compassion, and as a result created for himself more enemies.

— Trump put his ideas into practice not through the legislature — Congress, which he turned into his fierce enemy, but through presidential decrees. These decrees, although formally have the effect of law, can be blocked by any federal judge. Whatever on president can enact, the next can nullify. Therefore, many of his essentially excellent decrees were canceled on the very first day by the next president. Well then, what was the use of all his magnificent efforts if they could be undone with a stroke of a pen? What did he achieve in four years, if the next president canceled all his achievements on the very first day by signing 40 new counter-decrees?

— In the last year, he did nothing to extend his presidency for the second term. He had been talking for a long time that voting by mail is the easiest way to falsify elections, yet he did not take any effective steps to prevent this. When unrest with street riots and lootings began in the country in the summer of 2020, he hid, was silent, and didn’t use decisive force to suppress the riots, although he had legal grounds for this. When solid facts appeared that in the elections a lot of false votes were thrown in for his opponent, he talked nonstop about them, and his lawyers said that they had 100% proof of violations. They made a lot of noise, but nothing undisputable was presented to anyone — much cry and little wool. Only in February, three months after the election, his supporter businessman Michael Lindell, “the king of pillows”, presented to the public the “killer” proof of Trump’s victory. Where did this businessman get it from, why he presented the evidence, and why so late? Does it not seem that today Trump has not a single supporter left, except the pillow–man?

This is why I accuse Trump of inept strategies and tactics. In four years, he won many battles, yet he lost the war.

I accuse him of allowing the neo-Marxists to take over the country and destroy democracy.

I accuse him of allowing the priceless Freedom of Speech to become an empty phrase and for this reason there will be no more free elections in America — the country has already switched to a one-party system, as it was in the USSR.

History gave Trump a unique chance to become the greatest president in the history of the country, and for the masses of the people he looked like that, yet only for just a couple of years. The chance was irretrievably lost. I don’t see Trump as a candidate for the 2024 election, neither because of his advancing age, nor by a lack of new ideas. I don’t see even a hint of his trying to avoid the old mistakes.

Who is he now? A tragic figure of a Shakespearean scale, the modern-day King Lear. Almost all of his wonderful achievements were reduced to ashes overnight. Unfortunately, the United States is not the mythical Phoenix bird — unlikely they are to rise from the ashes.

Oh, how I wish I was wrong!

©Jacob Fraden, 2021

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