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Edward Topol | Jеws are to blame


Edward Topol | Jеws are to blame


Photo copyright: Christopher Michel, CC BY 2.0

To my shame and sorrow, I have to admit: the people responsible for the approaching downfall of The great United States of America are George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin, Jеwish columnists and owners of the American mass media and all the other American Jеws and “useful idiots” who f*cked up America. They financed the shameless voting mayhem and, with their own hands, chopped off the very branch of true democracy they were sitting on.

In Ancient Greece, those who paid their taxes were called demos; and that’s what democracy is, but in today’s USA it’s pseudodemocracy or even plebs democracy that is coming to or has already come to power. And this -cracy has appointed Biden as its Joker.

Meanwhile, Biden was, is and always will be Obama’s errand boy and Soros’s debtor. If he doesn’t obey their will, he will be removed, and Kamala Harris, Soros’s direct protege, will step in to be the President. In other words, it’s not really Biden who is about to take charge of the White House but instead it’s Michelle and Barack Obama, hand in hand with Soros. (When it comes to Zuckerberg and “useful idiots”, they’ll give them away with the ease of a chess player flicking a pawn off the board).

What does it mean? Obama and Soros are downright enemies of the USA, Israel and Judaic-Christian civilization, whose destruction they both consider their mission. Therefore, an era of lawlessness, thuggery, plundering, looting and terrorism in the US is inevitable, being a direct and effective tool for achieving their goals.

Of course, the American Jеws will scatter: the more affluent ones – to New Zealand and Australia, those of modest means – to Israel.

As for Europe – it’s over, as it is already on its back under Islam.

But the remote America of rednecks will not give in; unlike Jеws, they have nowhere to run. Therefore there will be civil war. And this will indeed be a fight for life and, sadly, death. Because, there is no one to finance and equip Reagan’s America with weapons and volunteers, while the destroyers of the true USA will be supported by everyone – Iran, China, Europe, Russia…

And so, extremists, thugs and looters from all over the world will rush to the US since, starting on January 21, 2021 it will be perfectly all right to tear to pieces the cake called “Rich America”.

Will Israel withstand the apocalypse of Christian civilization?

Only Supreme Intelligence knows the answer.

And It also knows that these were the last elections; going forward, the US does not and never will have a choice.

But, some say that we’ve survived Obama and we’ll outlive Biden. We won’t! The historical tragedy consists of the Clintons and Obama having legalized plebso-cracy, while the pandemic played into their hands and helped them suppress the influence of culture on the American nation’s mass consciousness. The cultured people obeyed the ban on going to concerts, theater plays, museums, libraries and public events, while the uncultured ones ignored this ban and rushed to have their fun in violence and demonstrations. The BLM and Antifa marches are really well staged street performances, their single creative goal being to instill wide and deep the contagion and disease of ignorance, barbarism, rudeness and brutality, to involve millions of people into savagery and to present this savagery as normal behavior. Isn’t it savagery to kiss someone’s boots – the act itself, regardless whose boots they are?

Those who considered and still consider culture as an unnecessary appendix of progress and civilization can just look out their windows and see the streets of their American towns. At one time, the magazine New World published memoirs of an archeologist named Samoilov who had served time in GULAG. He wrote, “Archeology has proven that it took mankind thousands of years to make the move from barbarism and savagery of the Neanderthal age to civilization, but those serving time in camps found out that it took mere minutes to revert from humanism back to feral savagery”.

So, as it is, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama and all their present followers, heirs and influence sponsors can give themselves credit for the magnificent and bloody success in criminalization, moronization and desecration of the broad non-working masses.

When you take a civilization and devoid it of culture, you are left with barbarity.

And even if, having mobilized the remains of the American justice, Donald Trump and Giuliani suddenly gain victory, it will take not months and or years but decades to rewind and bring back to humanness the legions of rioters and parasites, who have tasted the thrill of unpunished looting, physical violence and moral superiority over the civilized population who kissed their feet.

And because of that, regardless of how things pan out, there won’t be American Elections in 2024.

Would Trump, if he remains President, really be able to reorganize The New York TimesCNN and the other hundreds if not thousands of Clinton-Obama “democracy” outposts?

And when the Biden-Obama clique returns to the White House, will they really be able to curb the barbarism and legalized triumph of rioting and looting they have reanimated?

At the same time – no, I don’t blame African-Americans for the American Democracy collapse. The Obama’s faction seduced them with the chance of revenge, just like Lenin’s gang had seduced Russia with the promise of “peace to the peoples, land for the peasants”.

And I don’t blame American Mexicans and millions of other infiltrates for voting Democrat – they were given a chance to vote on a par with native-born Americans, so they voted for the ones who’d given them this gift!

But all my life I’ve been proud of – and even flaunted – my Jеwish origin, thinking that we, Jеws, have been bestowed with the most intellect, talent and sexual might. “The people that’s given to the world the greatest prophets of truth and justice and that to this day keeps gifting the world with people of great talent and intelligence”, said Maxim Gorky about us. “When I observe Germans, I am so glad that I am a Jеw!”, Albert Einstein used to say. “Benya Krik could sleep with a Russian woman, and the Russian woman remained satisfied with him”, Isaak Babel testified.

And that’s why, when in 2008 the American Jеws voted for Obama, I remembered Andrey Sedykh (also known as Jacob Moiseevich Tsvibak), owner and editor-in-chief of The New Russian Word, who (for a different reason) used to console me: “It’s all right, people make mistakes”.

But when in 2012 the American Jеws voted for Obama again, I started doubting our IQ.

What hell of a mistake was that, coming from the people “of great talent and intelligence”?

Didn’t Obama openly say that from then on, i.e. beginning with him as President, the USA wasn’t a Christian nation anymore? Didn’t he proclaim: “We would be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world”? Wasn’t he the one to bow from the waist to an Arabic sheikh? And wasn’t that bow the beginning of the mandatory kissing the feet of non-white scumbags by white (and Jеwish!) Americans?

Now Biden, having kissed some thug’s feet, is calling Americans to unite. To unite in what? To unite with BLM, Antifa, rioters and black racists who are eliminating the culture, the democracy and the monuments to the founding fathers of the great country called the USA? Oh yes, of course, this kind of unity will produce in the US a society of social justice and even up a street mugger with Baryshnikov or Steven Spielberg…

Stop! I don’t want to reach into political journalism but, in my mind’s eye, I am asking my American fellow-countrymen: do you have memory? Just a hundred years ago, the most vile and bloody parties called themselves Social Democrats (Lenin’s SDRP) and Social Nationalists (Hitler’s Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei). Hitler mesmerized Germany with his speeches of National Socialism, and my Dad listened live to Trotsky who also promised the world a societal heaven and a total communist unity. But weren’t these same speakers the ones to pave the way for the Holocaust and the GULAG? Wasn’t it our fathers and grandfathers who had to flee from these glorious orators?

Then why the hell are you, once again, leading these people to power?

After all, it was our Jеwish voices and tools for influence that could’ve assured an honest voting procedure.

And now, I won’t be surprised when the same American Jеws – who, with their votes, money and talent, have assisted the plebso-crats to move into the White House (this time for good) – will be the first ones to be robbed naked by the Obama-crats, to be thrown out of their warm houses, and, if not murdered, then sent to work camps to be re-educated.

Oh, don’t give me a sceptic grin – they’ll need someone to work for them after all…

Translated by Vlada Ivanova

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  1. " ...voted for Obama again..."
    никто его не выбирал, уже тогда ВСЁ было проплаченобандой оголтелых "демократов"..!


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