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Boris Gulko 

According to the plan of the country's progressive forces, the values ​​of immigrants from the Third World are called upon to replace the great American civilization. Therefore, the struggle against the wall erected by Trump on the border with Mexico, open borders and American citizenship for illegal immigrants living in the country are so important for the Democratic Party.

A grave crisis that unexpectedly for many developed in American society, threatens to destroy the country and makes us look for its causes in analogies with the histories of the past great empires. These analogies, with an insulting accuracy for those who want exclusivity, show the recurrence of the stages of the dying of empires.

Researcher of the history of Athenian democracy, professor at the University of Edinburgh, Alexander Tytler, predicted the collapse of the American system of government back in 1787, just 11 years after the proclamation of the United States. He wrote: “Democracy cannot be a permanent form of government. It can exist only as long as the voters don't realize that they can bargain with their votes generous benefits for themselves from the state. From that moment on, the majority will vote for the candidate who promises them more government benefits. As a result, failing to bear the burden of exorbitant financial expenses, democracy will go bankrupt and will always turns into a dictatorship." However, some attribute this reasoning to the French conservative thinker Alexis de Tocqueville, [Unknown A1] who visited the United States in 1831.

The "Titler Circle", along which, he argued, a democratic society moves from birth to extinction, includes 9 stages and takes about 200 years. The last three stages: from self-satisfaction to apathy, from apathy to dependence, from dependence to slavery. The apathy with which American society accepts the ideology of the upcoming dictatorship of left-wing fascism, as well as slavish forms of submission to this fascism, such as the already ingrained rite of kneeling, make us marvel at the clairvoyance of the Scotsman Tytler.

The modern Californian rabbi Daniel Lapin considers the time during which great states go from emergence to extinction not 200 years like Tytler, but 250. He gives many examples of this: the empire of Babylon was formed by Hammurabi (with his famous codex) around 1780 BC. e. and absorbed by the Hittites around 1530 BC; he defines the time of the Assyrian Empire from 860 BC. before 612 BC - 248 years old; the history of Spain, the rabbi leads from 1492 - the time of completion of the expulsion from its peninsula of the Muslims who owned it, to 1700 - the death of the last of the Spanish kings of the Hapsburg house - Charles II. Pax Romana[Unknown A2]  began with the reign of Octavian Augustus in 27 BC. and actually ended 240 years later - in 213, when all illegal immigrants to Rome were granted citizenship.         

Rabbi Lapin sees 250 years as necessary for the manifestation of the qualities of 10 generations. This corresponds, in his opinion, to God's design revealed in the Torah: 10 generations of antediluvian civilization passed from Adam to Noah, then 10 generations - from Noah to the first Jew Abraham. Each generation is associated with successive stages of civilization, different in Rabbi Lapin's from the stages proposed by Tytler. Stages 5 and 6 - the zenith and the best days of civilization, are replaced by stages 7: The growing political power of women and the intellectual and academic elite; 8: The influx of foreigners; 9: "Eat, drink and be merry"; 10: Internal political and civil division.

Now, when America is only 6 years away from  the magic age of 250 years and the long-ripening political and civil split of its society has matured, it makes sense to compare the signs of the country's withering with those of the previous great democracies: Athenian and Roman. David Goldman gave an in-depth analysis of their decline in his book “How Civilizations Die”. Bringing his theme closer to that of the classic work "The Decline of Europe", Goldman appropriated the pseudonym of the author of "Decline of the West”, Spengler.  [Unknown A3] 
Analyzing the history of Athens from the 5th century BC Goldman deduced “Spengler's universal law # 16”: “Small civilizations disappear for various reasons; a great civilization dies only when it doesn't want to live anymore. " Signs of this death wish today are clear in the visible indifference of the wide American society to the actions of the current mass anarchist and Marxist organizations of American youth Antifa, which, in alliance with the pogrom Black Lives Matter BLM rioters are fighting the history and ideology of the country and are destroying monuments everywhere, not only of the founding fathers of the United States, but also Columbus, who discovered America for Europeans. These protesters, backed by the full support of the Democratic Party and the country's media, seek to annul their civilization from its very beginning. The Los Angeles Times has already published an article calling for the cancellation of the US anthem "The Star-Spangled Banner".

Deniers of American civilization go deeper than the creation of the United States. The struggle goes on with its religious foundation - churches are set on fire and the statues of Jesus and his mother, as well as synagogues and yeshivas, are desecrated. A logical continuation of the rejection of the Judeo-Christian civilization is the recognition by the left establishment of the inferiority of the white race as a whole. This recognition has become a common place in the educational programs of US schools and universities.

The real manifestation of the plea of ​​the white race was the proposal to pay reparations to black Americans for this racial guilt. On July 16, Democratic senators offered a $ 350 billion as the first installment of these reparations. There will be other payments besides.  For example, the city of Asheville, North Carolina, decided to pay its reparations to blacks.

The calls of the main American newspapers to women not to have children look like whites hit the rock bottom in admitting their inferiority.  This campaign began, I believe, by the New York Times with an article: "Childless women are happier than mothers having children." Then the topic of the benefits of childlessness was taken up by others. Anti-fertility campaign also includes free  abortions by government and wealthy donors subsidized Planned Parenthood. Now there is a discussion to legalize  infanticide immediately after the birth of the child.

The society's death wish is also explained by the propaganda of homosexuality in the United States, starting with kindergartens. It includes school educational programs, festive processions and parades, popular culture with its lighthouse - Hollywood. In my 2015 essay “Will Jews Save Civilization?”, based on the analysis of the difference in statistics of gay men among identical and fraternal twins, I argued that 20% of gays owe their orientation to genetics, and 80% acquire it due to social factors. American society seeks to maximize this social factor by promoting homosexuality.
The abandonment of childbearing and the religious ethics of sex became possible due to the sharp decline in the religiosity of Americans. They follow the path that Western Europeans have traveled half a century before.

Goldman writes in his book: “Communities and nations keep define themselves and keep on going by what is sacred to them. And when there is nothing left, they lose their reason to exist. " Writer and historian Hilaire Belloc  wrote in the early twentieth century: “Europe is faith; faith is Europe. " But by the early 70s, faith had left the continent, and now Goldman provides graphs showing which European people will die out and when. In recent years, the same process has come to the United States. As early as in 2015, David Brooke announced in The New York Times that "the millennial generation is leaving religious institutions in droves." Unsurprisingly, there were 1.71 children per woman in the United States in 2019, which is noticeably below 2.1, the necessary reproduction rate.

According to the plan of the country's progressive forces, the values ​​of immigrants from the Third World are going to replace the great American civilization.  Therefore, the fight of Democratic party against the Wall erected by Trump on the border with Mexico, for open borders, for American citizenship for illegal immigrants living in the country is so important - according to recent estimates, there are about 22 million of them, plus a significant immigration of Muslims to the United States.  The latter turned out to be desirable for some of the immigrants from the USSR who did not feel any connection with Americanism. More than 1,200 of them signed a protest in 2016 against Trump's termination of Muslim immigration to the United States.

Representatives of other cultures have already significantly changed the political image of the United States. Most notable among the 2016 Democratic congressmen of the draft are daughter of Puerto Ricans Ocasio-Cortez, who preaches socialism, as well as Muslim women Omar from Somalia and Palestinian Arab woman Tlaib, who made anti-Semitism common in America. Indicative of the approaching crisis of Americanism was two-time presidential election victory of Barach Hussein Obama, a Muslim and socialist who was the first to put forward the concept of the apriori sinfulness of the United States. Obama began his presidency with an international tour dedicated to apologizing for the past policies of the country he leads.

Obama's first victory, in 2008, could be attributed to the new face in politics and American satisfaction with their sense of lack of racism. But Obama's re-election in 2012, when he had already emerged as a black racist and Islamist, showed that America had entered a period of postmodernism.

Remembering all this, it seems that we are retelling the story of the decline of Rome with its abandonment of its tradition. Equating it with Christianity, legalized by the decree of Emperor Constantine in 313 AD, led to the withering away of Roman law, but not yet replacing it with Christian ethics. The destruction and plundering of pagan temples, which happened at the end of the 4th century under Emperor Theodosius the Great by gangs of Christian monks with the active participation of Roman residents, comes to mind when we see the current chronicle of the pogroms of storefronts on Madison and  5th Avenue in Manhattan by the new “masters” of the country.

As mentioned above, Rabbi Lapin considers the end of the Pax Romana[Unknown A4]  to be 213 AD, which equated the status of the citizens of Rome and its illegal immigrants. Due to the demographic decline of the indigenous population, caused by the prevalence of homosexuality, infanticide and contraception, entire provinces of the empire were depopulated by that time. Gradually, the army of Rome began to be made up of the Germanic barbarians. In 476, the barbarian soldier Odoacer,[Unknown A5]  who headed it, deposed the last emperor of the Western Roman Empire, Romulus Augustulus, and took over the rule.

Prominent black American intellectual, philosopher and economist Thomas Sowell on July 18 this year, in an interview with Mark Levin said: “There is such thing a thing as a point of no return. The Roman Empire overcame many challenges in its long history, but eventually it reached a point where it simply could not continue. And a lot of it was from the inside, not just barbarians attacking it from the outside ... I believe that we can well reach such a point of no return. "

Life in on the Apennines peninsula continued. Different states arose with their own ideologies, with different languages, different customs. The Middle Ages came, or, as Petrarch[Unknown A6]  called this time, the "dark ages".

Now the time is leaping forward. Are the "dark ages" approaching America?

Translated by Alla Axelrod

 [Unknown A1]Alexis Charles Henri Clérel, comte de Tocqueville, colloquially known as Tocqueville, was a French aristocrat, diplomat, political scientist, and historian. He is best known for his works Democracy in America and The Old Regime and the Revolution
 [Unknown A2]The Pax Romana (Latin for "Roman Peace") is a roughly 200-year-long period in Roman history which is identified with increased and sustained inner hegemonic peace and stability (though not meaning without wars, expansion and revolts). It is traditionally dated as commencing from the accession of Caesar Augustus, founder of the Roman principate, in 27 BC and concluding in 180 AD with the death of Marcus Aurelius,
 [Unknown A3]Oswald Arnold Gottfried Spengler was a German historian and philosopher of history whose interests included mathematics, science, and art and their relation to his cyclical theory of history. He is best known for his book The Decline of the West, published in 1918 and 1922, covering all of world history.
 [Unknown A4]The Pax Romana is a roughly 200-year-long period in Roman history which is identified with increased and sustained inner hegemonial peace and stability. It is traditionally dated as commencing from the accession of Caesar Augustus, founder of the Roman principate, in 27 BC and concluding in 180 AD with the death of Marcus Aurelius, the last of the "good emperors".
 [Unknown A5]Flavius Odoacer, was a soldier and statesman of barbarian background, who deposed the child emperor Romulus Augustulus and became King of Italy. Odoacer's deposition of Romulus Augustulus is traditionally seen as marking the end of the Western Roman Empire.
 [Unknown A6]Francesco Petrarca, commonly anglicized as Petrarch, was an Italian scholar and poet during the early Italian Renaissance who was one of the earliest humanists. Petrarch's rediscovery of Cicero's letters is often credited with initiating the 14th-century Italian Renaissance and the founding of Renaissance humanism

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