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Two leaders

Two leaders
Boris Gulko
The world is usually ruled by fools. Not diving too deep, let’s visualize the 20th century. It began in Europe quite decently, with so called La Belle Époque – “nice times”.  Writers and poets created great literature; the musicians wrote the charming music, art galleries in Paris brimmed with Impressionism, Vienna and Berlin presented the new movement: expressionism. And for the giant in the East of the continent – Russia -- despite the humiliating defeat in the war with Japan, 1905-year riots and Jewish pogroms, the tragedy didn’t seem inevitable yet. The economy grew rapidly, the culture was blossoming.  How insane the rulers of major European countries had to be to venture the prosperous world into the bloody World war?

The striking result of that war, which claimed about 22 million lives, was that everybody lost. German Kaiser lost his crown. Austro-Hungarian Empire crumbled into pieces, and the Russian Empire, upon leaving WWI, covered itself with ever more blood in Civil War, transforming and giving birth to the “Empire of Evil”.  The Russian Tsar showed complete incompetency at the time when only 20 months were remaining until Germans, fighting only on the West, would surrender. Instead of using the troops devoted to him to crash the riots and discord within his country, he gave up, abdicated his throne, ruined his country, his dynasty, his family and himself.

In Versailles Treaty, the winners France and England sowed the seeds of German revanchist mentality by placing a time bomb under Europe through undertaking the doctrine of pacifism—non-resistance to evil, only to deny themselves the ability to defuse that bomb.  When the desire to take a revenge in Germans shoot poisonous roots in the form of Nazism, there were no competent politicians in the West to uproot them in the timely manner.  But the Soviet despot Stalin sensed the opportunity, by supporting Hitler, to create conditions for his campaign for world domination. WWII, prepared by the new generation of idiots - rulers and unleashing two dictators-villains, in its horror surpasses the First World War many times over, taking just under 100 million victims.

But in the course of the war in Europe, among the host of foolish rulers, appeared a distinguished one - first in the century worthy – Winston Churchill. His speech in the House of Commons on June 4, 1940, in which he vowed: "we will go to the end, we shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the price but we will fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the coasts, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; We will never give up ...", showed Hitler who opposes him. And demoniac Fuhrer retreated and didn’t dare to invade England.

Leading Western coalition to victory over Germany, Churchill in his Fulton speech on March 5, 1946 also rebuffed another villainous country – the USSR. Victory in this war – the so called “cold war” were celebrated by two other prominent politicians: Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. After adding to the list of wise and decisive national leaders of the twentieth century the generals Francisco Franco and Augusto Pinochet of  Spain and Chile, who saved their countries from perdition of socialism, as well as Vaclav Havel, who headed the bloodless "Velvet Revolution" and the split of Czechoslovakia, the list will be almost exhausted. The last three were not professional politicians and came to rule their countries in critical times from aside.

It’s usually the entourage that makes the king – media, press, politicians-schemers and opportunists. Therefore, the rulers, with the rare exceptions, usually come from varieties of just such deft functionaries, unscrupulous careerists, corrupted and even obvious fools that support each other. Even the "savior of the motherland", Churchill, immediately after the military victory, which England owed to its leader, in the election year of 1945, had to lose to Socialist Clement Attlee. Churchill bitterly remarked about his winner: “Attlee has every reason to be modest. “

After failures of democratic models tested in ancient Greece and Rome, Julius Caesar returned monarchical method of Government to declining Rome. This allowed the Empire in its eastern part to last another long 14 and half centuries.

The most successful modern State – United States – adopted the optimistic-pessimistic system of Government, a fusion of monarchy and democracy. The President of the United States has almost Royal authority, but after 8 years (if he survives re-election after four), he inevitably must go. This enables the country to survive fool's reign, and, with the next ruler, to correct stupidities committed by the previous ruler.  After all, every fool is stupid in his own way.

But there is a danger, that 8 years of one fool or villain is replaced by eight years of another similar one.  Such a misfortune could irreparably alter the character of the country. After the progressive Socialist, Islamist and black racist Barack Obama who in his speech was urging blacks to vote against our enemies "white people”, close to victory at the polls was the thoroughly corrupt Hillary Clinton, who, as well as Obama, was a student and disciple of the radical socialist Saul Alinsky. Establishment, or as it is now called in America, the "ruling class"- journalists and reporters,  "deep state", civil servants, University humanitarians, Hollywood, the workers of think tanks paid by the Arab countries - were ready for a permanent transformation of the United States into a state, similar to the rotting Western European countries. 

Almost supernatural victory of Donald Trump, despite the concerted opposition of the "ruling class" and the majority of voters who gave Hillary a preponderance of nearly 3 million votes, gave the country a chance to return to its glorious past, to “become Great again”,  as promised by Trump. He is an unusual President, the country's first President-non-politician, an outsider, "from the public." A wealthy real estate developer, Trump could live out his life in luxury, continuing to organize "beauty contests", playing himself on TV. He wanted to be a President, like generals Franco and Pinochet before him, to save his country, over which the shadow is looming, as it once loomed over Spain and Chile – a disastrous socialist transformation.
To evaluate the danger posed in our time to America, look at the recent debate of two groups of Democrats, 10 people each, applying for the presidency in the 2020 election. If the previous two Democratic presidents, the clever liars Clinton and Obama, at least managed to make an impression of caring for the country before the elections, the current candidates look like politicians who frankly try to destroy their country and are very poor in their brain department. Such is the former Obama minister Julian Castro, in the opinion of an expert on American life, Vladimir Kozlovsky, the most real “candidate in candidates,” said he would provide the right to abortion to “transgender women”, which of course means, to men.  Instead of Homeric laughter, the other nine responded with respectful attention. Another ten raised their hands together, promising to provide free medical insurance to illegal immigrants. Democrats are calling for the opening of the southern border, thus turning the United States into a big Honduras. This brings to a memory a childhood rhyme that went: "Honduras, Honduras - In the heart of each of us." To emphasize this dream, two disputants spoke part of their speeches in Spanish.

Tiny Israel, surrounded by enemies, doesn’t have such a testing ground for mistakes like the United States. But because of the extraordinary diversity of political and ideological views of the population it’s extremely difficult to create a stable government here.  Early elections in Israel are not the exception, but the rule. This year they will occur not even after the formation of the next government, but before that.

It is all the more surprising that with such fluidity, among the six last prime ministers, between the losers who brought the Arafat gang into the country and supplied it with territory, weapons and money, betrayed the allies - the army of southern Lebanon and thereby strengthened and led to the northern border of Israel Hezbollah, who drove out Jewish settlers Gush Katif and thus created Hamasstan in southern Israel, emerged  a prominent political figure of Bibi Netanyahu. A well-educated, excellent economist who turned around a socialist economy — the only case in history (usually socialism — the lethal sentence to the national economy) - to a capitalism, a brilliant diplomat and speaker (in America they called him “new Churchill”), who successfully survived 8 years of the rule of Israel’s hater Obama, and is now successfully getting along with the antipodes of the United States and Russia, having twice shed his blood in risky special forces operations, finally - the scion of a worthy Israeli family - the son of an eminent historian, secretary of Zeev Jabotinsky[1]  and brother of the national hero of Israel, who died while leading the legendary operation in Entebbe, Bibi is a blessing to Israel. He is the greatest politician of this century in the world, along with Trump.

It is characteristic that establishments of their countries, USA and Israel, have fiercely attacked both leaders, Netanyahu and Trump, usually promoting another ruler-fool from their midst. In the case of Bibi, the critics are retired generals, but not the great warriors who won the unthinkable victories in the Six Day War and the War of the Judgment Day. The generals who are fighting against Bibi are those who can’t decisively defeat the gangs of Hezbollah and Hamas, must confirm each shot at the enemy with the lawyers, who betrayed the soldier who shot the terrorist, and likened the glorious soldiers of the IDF to Wehrmacht criminals[2] . Lawyers bake absurd accusations against Bibi, counting them in thousands to sound more convincing (“case one thousand”, “case two thousand”, etc.), count the number of cigars presented to him over the decades by a friend who did not receive services in return. A separate war is being waged against the premier's wife: she quarreled with the cook, ordered food from a restaurant for an official dinner party, handed over state-owned empty bottles, supposedly for a profit.
Avigdor Lieberman, popular among the Russian-speaking émigrés, who didn’t adopt well to Israel society, plots against Bibi, while he owes the beginning of his own political career to him. In 2018, he destroyed one right-wing government of Israel, in 2019 he did not allow the formation of another. The invaluable months of Trump’s pro-Israel presidency, when major changes can be made, are wasted because of this.
When he was a foreign minister, Lieberman made visa-free entry into Israel for citizens of Russia and Ukraine. This policy is similar to the open borders of the United States, which is supported by the Democrats. Lieberman prevented genetic testing to help people prove their Jewish roots. He fights against the Jewish character of Israel, promising to abolish the rules of Judaism in the country. Now the political position of Lieberman - against the right and against the Jewish tradition - is similar to the anti-Jewish Meretz.
Outstanding rulers of the caliber of Trump and Netanyahu are a rare phenomenon, singles in a century. The Israeli elections on September 17 will show which leaders our people deserve – demagogues-generals, socialists and anti-Zionists, supported by Arab parties, or the head of the right-wing government of the national interests of Jews, outstanding Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu.
Translated by Alla Axelrod ©

Ze'ev Jabotinsky,  was a Russian Jewish Revisionist Zionist leader, author, poet, orator, soldier and founder of the Jewish Self-Defense Organization in Odessa. With Joseph Trumpeldor, he co-founded the Jewish Legion of the British army in World War I.
Wehrmacht (German) – “defense force”  were the unified armed forces of Nazi Germany from 1935 to 1945.

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