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“Wandering Ghost of Communism”

 “Wandering Ghost of Communism”
 by Boris Gulko

Decades following the end of the First World War were disturbing. In two of the leading countries of the world, the socialists have seized power: in Russia - by force, in Germany – by democratic methods. The Russian socialists, called “the Bolsheviks”, completely destroyed the social organism of society in three quarters of a century. In Germany the Nazis ruled only for 12 years (Hitler in 1920 added clarification to the name of his party DAP "German Workers", and now it was called "National Socialists", better known as Nazis) but the Germans didn’t overcome the breakdown from that disaster even to this day.

However, the countries of Anglo-Saxon political culture — Great Britain and the United States — lived these years without constant turmoil and political assassinations that tormented Germany, for example, as a result of Hitler’s Ordnung.[i] The Great Depression America suffered from 1929 to 1939, was no less an ordeal than the economic hardships of the same time in Germany. But the country has avoided the temptations of totalitarian socialism. The American society in those years was held together by the tradition of respect for the law, individual rights and freedoms, inherited from the former metropolis, originating from the Magna Carta, approved by the English King in 1215 and enshrined in America’s Bill of Rights, which became part of US Constitution in the late 18th century. This tradition was based on the Protestant religious ethics and became the basis for what is now called Judeo-Christian civilization.

The fundamental idea of ​​socialism is this: the rights of citizens must be sacrificed for the sake of common good, such as the rights to personal freedom, to property, even to life. The common good outweighs the benefits of individuals.

In the first half of the 20th century, the socialists gradually gained influence in the United States. By the beginning of the 1950s, they had accumulated considerable forces in the state apparatus, in the media, in culture. Senator McCarthy’s campaign inquiring into anti-American activities has managed to dispel them. But at the beginning of the 21st century, much later than socialism went bankrupt in the Third Reich and in the USSR, socialism unexpectedly regained popularity in the United States. In 2008, the socialist Barack Obama became the president of the country with a vague promise of “the changes we deserve.” Since very few people understood what kind of change he had in mind, Obama’s victory in the elections seemed like an accident, especially because his 2008 competitor was the unremarkable Senator McCain, whose only life achievement was five and a half years he spent in Vietnamese captivity.

By the end of the Obama presidency, by the elections of 2016, socialism has already become truly popular in the United States. A broad and heterogeneous left coalition was formed, rejecting the Anglo-Saxon political tradition and Judeo-Christian moral values. It took shape on the basis of the “identification policy”, as it was now called. Each of the members of the coalition, be it of racial, national, gender, religious, or sexual minorities sought to sacrifice universal civil rights to the ideals of their group.
Altruistic non-orthodox Jews are different from other coalition groups. In the 19th Century, one of them - Karl Marx - saw the “Ghost of Communism wandering around Europe”[1], and in the 20th Century the Jews contributed to its materialization in Russia and in the east of Europe.
Now in America, Jews serve as a liaison for the left-wing coalition — opposing the rule of law and their guardians African-Americans, whose leaders are anti-Semites Sharpton and Farrakhan; supporters of unlimited immigration to the United States from Latin American countries, as well as from Muslims countries, who create threats to Jews wherever they live. Jews welcome the movement of feminists who brought back to our day the hostility of the ancient Amazons towards men, although Jews themselves have always been woman-loving. A new initiative of feminists, the movement “MeToo” emerged as an attack on one of the most successful left-wing Jew of America, Hollywood magnate Weinstein.

According to a recent survey, 75% of American Jews disapprove of the activities of conservative Trump, the first unconditional pro-Israel president of the United States. Fears for the unrestricted freedom of abortion are more important to them than the well-being of Israel.

A significant group in the army of socialists is also young people, indoctrinated in colleges and universities by used-to-be hippies who have grown up and gone into education, but have preserved the socialist ideals of their youth. Socialist youth of America has created aggressive gangs called “Antifa”. Their leftist leaders, Obama's Justice Minister Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton, recently called for violence.

The coalition sees as its enemy Christians with European roots, whom the left elite and media call “white men”, believing that this group of the population contains the world's evil - racism, sexism, Islamophobia and other evils. Women, who don’t share the hatred of progressive humanity towards "white men", at the suggestion of the NY Times, are now called "traitors of the sex."

The numerous left coalitions were able in 2016 to promote a socialist Bernie Sanders for Presidential Candidate.  They were let down by the ancestral socialist disease - corruption. The DNC swindled too much and instead of Sanders switched their candidate to Hillary Clinton. But she, burdened with monstrous corruption of Clinton Foundation to her name, scared away too many voters.

The coalition, however, hasn’t lost hope. In the mid-term elections of 2018, she promised the country a “blue wave” of democrats capable of engulfing the Congress, and maybe the Senate too. The leftists even dreamed of the impeachment of the hated President Trump.

The socialists chose the promise of a new health care reform, Medicare for All, as a lever for "turning the world around”, in other words, socialized medical care like in the USSR, where medical aid for every citizen was paid for by the state. Skeptics calculated the cost of this project - 34.4 trillion dollars over 10 years. When, in the struggle for power, the socialists ever counted money? Other people’s money, of course?

The survivors who had a taste of the aforementioned unforgettable USSR medical care don’t have a kind word to say about it, putting it mildly. But there are very few people in America who are even familiar with it, thus they don’t object to medical care in a socialist way.

It seems, however, that the Democrats, as in 2016, killed their chances of a “blue wave” in the upcoming elections themselves. It so happened, that one of the nine members of the US Supreme Court, Anthony Kennedy, resigned, and President Trump appointed him a replacement. Brett Kavanaugh was chosen - a brilliant lawyer with an impressive career and a worthy man who is highly appreciated by those who know him.

The appointment of Kavanaugh for a long time, perhaps for decades, would determine the composition of the US Supreme Court as strictly following the country's constitution. This caused the fierce rage of the left coalition, believing that the court should not be guided by the law, but, as Obama has formulated, by the “sympathy”. At the time when Kavanaugh’s candidacy was approved by the Senate Commission, all hatred of progressive humanity towards “white men” poured out on the unfortunate judge.

Crowds of screaming feminist furies, often dressed up, poured into the streets of Washington and filled the Capitol. The footage was impressive and looked as it was cut from a horror movie, where witches were pounding and scratching at the doors of the Supreme Court. Feminists believed, although Kavanaugh didn’t admit it, that the judge didn’t approve of the murder of the unborn children. And the unrestricted right to abortion is somehow an important part of the New Socialism (by the way, neither Hitler nor Stalin approve of abortions).

Liberal Jews led the struggle in the Senate against the approval of the candidacy of a “white man”. Socialist Bernie Sanders warned: "Brett Kavanaugh will promote extremist conservative program pushed by corporations and billionaires." Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer promised: "I will oppose the appointment of Kavanaugh by all means possible." Richard Blumenthal threatened that Kavanaugh with his membership would "forever tarnish the Supreme Court." Their colleague on the left-wing coalition block, black Senator Cory Booker, the recipient of the largest donations from Jews in American history, yet at the same time an opponent of Israel, who, after disclosing secret information about Kavanaugh and thus ruining his own career, repeats the heroic feat of Spartacus. It becomes instantly clear, that his information is not secret, besides, it’s not even relevant. And Spartacus didn’t disclose any secrets. Fiercely, but just as senselessly, Kavanaugh was attacked by the second likely  Democratic presidential candidate in 2020, the daughter of an Indian woman and African-American man, Kamala Harris.

Feminist revolt against the appointment of Kavanaugh was led by the elderly Diana Feinstein. When the hearings in the Senate Commission were almost completed, she unexpectedly unveiled a letter sent to her three month ago by the psychology professor Ford, saying that 36 years ago at a school party, Cavanaugh was trying to pull off her swimsuit. Ford asked the senator to keep her letter confidential, although in this case the purpose of sending such letter was not clear. The process was continued.

Immediately two more women coalition’s accusers against Kavanaugh emerged, even more ridiculous than the accusation of the psychologist.  Why are feminists such an incompetent liars? Maybe the talented liars don't become feminists.

If the attacks of the left-wing senators on Kavanaugh in the first part of the discussion of his candidacy were stupid, then with the entry of feminists into the action, they became disgusting. This was emphasized by their extremely emotional final speeches by Brett Cavanaugh and Republican Senator Lindsay Graham. Americans suddenly saw what was happening: a decent man who had achieved a lot, the head of the family, the father of two daughters, in their eyes, was being trampled into the dirt; his personality, his career, his family was being destroyed. Many Americans, who traditionally have sympathy for feminism, suddenly thought about their sons, husbands and brothers. If it is so simple in the eyes of the whole country, if it’s possible to defame a decent person with an obvious lie and ruin his life, then it can be done to everyone?! And for what purpose? Yale University professor David Gelenter at the WSJ determined: “For future generations, the battle of Kavanaugh will remain a marker of the intellectual bankruptcy of the Democratic Party; the flashing red light on the dashboard will say: "Empty." Left has lost.”

The support of the Democrats in the November elections sharply shrank, and the “female traitor” sex group who refused to hate the "white men" has grown. Katya Palich of the”USA Today” defined it this way: “The identity strategy pursued by the left as a way to divide the country and defeat the American voters, not only failed, but had the opposite effect.” And Stephanie Gutmann, of the same newspaper, concluded: “The completed presentation turned our views around - this was the last straw. After many years of “vagina-hats” (on anti-Tramp demonstrations after his inauguration. B.G.), “MeToo” and “kangaroo courts” in colleges (on which, without due reason, students were convicted of “sexual violence”), we no longer buy large-scale reports about the Republican Party’s war against women. We know that this is a rough scare tactic, designed to get our votes. But the Democrats are making a huge miscalculation.”

How true this miscalculation is, we’ll learn after the closure of polling stations on November 6.
                                                                                    Translated by Alla Axelrod 10/29/2018 ©

[1] A quotation from “Communist Manifesto” by Karl Marx, written in 1848.

[i] Ordnung is the German word for order, discipline, rule, arrangement, organization, or system

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