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Film tour clip, upcoming screenings updates andhighlights from our exciting presentations of Oper... 
If a picture is worth a 1000 words, then this clip is worth 100,000,000 words - my USA & Canadian Film Tours
(March & May, 19 screenings) in one short clip:
This is the video 
We are working on many screenings of
Operation  Wedding for this coming autumn in the USA, Canada, Europe and Israel, but we also do have some summer screenings to fill in the void:
(press the city links to see more details) 
Israel English screenings + Q&A in Netanya & Ra'anana
USA Wayne, NJ - St. Louis 
"Operation Wedding" is also available now in 
Howard University and Duke university libraries!
Full screening list
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We were extremely touched by the wonderful 8th grade teacher, Alisheva Kronman, at "Amit" middle school in Be'er Sheva, who screened Operation Wedding for her pupils and also provided them extensive background information. The 14 year-old students, whose parents were mostly from the Former Soviet Union, responded enthusiastically to the film and even created a poster in Hebrew in honor of Operation Wedding.
We asked the teacher to interview the students and ask them about their impressions of the film:
This is the video 
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Thanks to May's USA & Canada Director Film Tour we've had five articles, two reviews, one radio interview and one TV interview! 


"... I didn't know I was going to my Mother's prison, My Producer told me that we're going to KGB house in the center of town, I thought it was an office. When we walked in I saw this was a prison. Only when my Mom started looking for her cell, I realized it was her prison." 
This is the video 
Assholes waching films: "The programmers at the Toronto Jewish Film Festival have done an excellent job of presenting some very interesting stories at this year’s festival, but Operation Wedding may take the rugelach
(I know-forgive me)." Read more 

Jewish DC: "The variety of footage and the close, personal connection gave this film a unique feel, like it was partially documentary and partially narrative, too." Read more 

Tablet: "It is safe to say that Anat Zalmanson-Kuznetsov has created the definitive tale of the Leningrad hijacking, and in the process, humanized the larger-than-life characters behind it. It’s hard not to pepper descriptions of the film with superlatives like heroic and courageous. It’s equally hard to stay dry-eyed throughout." Read more

Times Of Israel: "Zalmanson-Kuznetsov also interviewed Philipp Bobkov, who, as deputy chairman of the KGB, was in charge of her parents’ arrest. In the movie, he says that it is the agency’s responsibility to prevent hijackings like the September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States.
The filmmaker said Bobkov’s spin on the story was so cunning she felt compelled to cut his interviews short in the film, lest viewers believe everything he said.
“He was just lying all the time. He is very convincing, it’s hard to resist,” Zalmanson-Kuznetsov said." Read more

CJN: "For the last eight years, Zalmanson-Kuznetsov has put her entire life on hold, in order to create this documentary. After a failed attempt in 2009, she tried again in 2012 – this time, successfully. The reactions from viewers that Operation Wedding has received is exactly what Zalmanson-Kuznetsov was hoping for." Read more

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