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A disease of society and its consequences.

A disease of society and its consequences.
Boris Gulko               

Translation of Alla Axelrod
            The fate of societies and civilizations is similar to human fate. The main similarity is that all three are mortal. The cause of death is disease and the main sign of an old age is a total deterioration of the body.
            The situation seems hopeless, but human societies have a hope. There is an exception of Jews. Having come into the synagogue on the Sabbath, the curious visitor may find that during the weekly reading of the Torah that while reading her weekly servings one of the Cohens gets invited. Cohen must be a descendant of Aaron, brother of Moses. Cohens have special rights that are given to them, continuing for more then 33 centuries, since the Jews were wandering in the desert. And the curious visitor will realize that immortality of the Jews is associated with eternity of the Torah. If the Jews will disappear, Torah will become meaningless as well. Its characters will disappear too.
            A clear sign of the Jewish immortality is the absence of senile decrepitude in us. Despite the fact that the number of Jews in the world is equal to the statistical error in calculating the Chinese, as the joke made by the  sociologist Milton Himmelfarb, Jews dominate in many intellectual and spiritual areas. Jewish society is prone to a disease like any other. Entire communities under the influence of internal or external causes disappear. In the last century, the Jews suffered, apparently, two  fatal blows - fascination with Marxism and the Holocaust. But after that the people rose mystically in the rebirth of Israel. The Jews of Israel are now a young, full of energy ethnos, with their own language and remarkable demographics, which has returned to everyday life from the dark depths of a past era.
            Simultaneously with this miracle, the common for the peoples of the world thing is happening - the recent process of dying of the largest but fastest assimilating Jewish community - the community of American Jews. Its fate demonstrates the grotesque form of a social disease that has affected the Western world, called “progressivism”.
            For thousands of years, Jews have been preserved through faithfulness to Judaism. After their secularization in the first half of the twentieth century, the self-identification of the Galut Jews took place on the basis of solidarity with Israel's struggle for survival. Thus, the renaissance of Russian Jewry, also seemingly doomed, began after the miracle of Israel's victory in the 1967 Six-Day War. Similar was the hope for the survival of unorthodox American Jews. But now, because of the disease of progressivism, the sense of community of American Jews with Israeli brethren is passing away, the thread connecting them with Jewry is breaking off.
            “The Algemeiner” newspaper reported on a forum of American "Jewish activists" with four members of the Knesset, held in the large Boston conservative synagogue "Kehillath Israel". "Activist" Shifra said at the forum to Israeli politicians: "You lose me and many people in the Jewish community ... I can’t look the other way when, because of the murder of three Israeli teenagers, 2,300 Palestinians were killed in response   (Operation “Defensive Shield” in 2014”). I want to know what you are doing to make peace with the Palestinians. I want to know what the government is doing to achieve peace." The deputy from Likud, Amir Ohana, answered her.  He noted that Israel waged a war with HAMAS because of tens of thousands of bombs and missiles that fell on the heads of the Jews, and confessed to Shifra: "If I have to choose between losing more Israeli lives, regardless, civil or military, or losing you, I will choose, regretfully, to lose you."
            The activists gathered in the synagogue shared Shifra's views. What is the flock, such are the shepherds -- Israel is also "losing" most of unorthodox rabbis. After the recently concluded AIPAC conference, the rabbi of America's largest and most influential conservative synagogue, “Park Avenue” synagogue in Manhattan, Eliot Cosgrove in his speech accused Israel of apartheid, since Arabs from the Palestinian Authority can not participate in elections to the Israeli Knesset. The rabbi could be indignant that the autonomy authorities have not held their elections for many years. But until Israel did not annex Judea and Shomron, why should the Arabs of the autonomy participate in the Israeli elections?
            At the annual conference of the anti-Israeli organization of the ESTs (Jewish self-haters), "Jewish Voices for Peace", recently concluded in Chicago, honored the Arab terrorist Rasmey Odeh who participated in the 1969 terrorist attack in which two Jewish students were killed. The murderer was introduced to more than a thousand people who gathered there by Rabbi Alice Weiss.
            The societies of the Judeo-Christian civilization now suffer, to varying degrees, the signs of senile decrepitude, manifested in the same way as in humans: the collapse of self-reproduction and the attacks of the same grievous disease that American Jews experience, called progressivism, also called liberalism or leftism. The fatal consequence of this disease of a society is similar to AIDS in humans - the affected organism is unable to resist the external infection - the invasion of aggressive Islam, which is openly proclaiming its goal - the destruction of Western societies and the subordination of their peoples.
            The events that are decisive for the fate of Western civilization are now taking place in America, whose people are much younger than Europeans and, as the latest elections showed, aren’t able to resist the disease. Progressivism for the 8 years of Obama's presidency has moved to its goals incredibly, and, it seemed, irrevocably. The abolition of biblical sexual morality made possible the absurdity of same-sex marriages, sex change (the most famous transvestite Olympic champion in decathlon, Bruce Jenner has already announced the desire to go back to the man's appearance) and even the abolition of the notion of sex manifested in general toilets and showers in schools. The victories of "combating racism" split the societies into groups with different rights - that is, they achieved the reverse goals, exactly opposite to what they were initially. "Women's rights" made men hostages and led in colleges to an epidemic of groundless accusations of rape. The most famous case is the groundless accusation of a mentally ill black striptease girl claimed to be raped by a group of students, Lacrosse players of the University of Duke, which cost the guys three years of litigation, and the astronomical legal expenses to their parents.

            The Progressives’ expected victory in the fight against "climate change" promised governments and intra-national organizations like the United Nations control over industry and agriculture, as well as the distribution among the impoverished population, because of such control of food and life benefits means total dictatorship. And the influx of Muslims from the Middle East to America had to suppress the possibility of resisting progressivism in democratic ways by citizens with traditional values.
            But at the moment when the history of the Judeo-Christian civilization in America seemed to come to an end, an incredible thing happened. Against the position of all elites and media, and despite the predictions, Donald Trump, a man of common sense and with traditional values, won in the presidential election. He took on the abolition of the most destructive "achievements" of President Obama, with an "obsessive determination" as progressive journalists complain, fulfilling his election promises.
            Progressive journalists (and this includes most of them) and politicians began and continue 4 months of hysteria: they are observing the death of what liberalism has achieved. Unable to defend it, the Progressives have strained all the power of their lungs to yell out the connections of the Trump administration with Russian agents, while, according to the chief of intelligence services in the Obama administration, James Clapper, they have no evidence to prove it.
            These attempts: accusations that the Attorney General of the United States, while still being a Senator, spoke with the ambassador of Russia, and some  Trump‘s adviser back  in 2013 met with a Russian businessman, reminiscent of the fight against Trotskyism, which we read about in books (someone  somewhere met with someone somewhere, yadda, yadda, yadda), would be amusing, if all this anti-Russian "struggle" today did not pose a threat to the fate of the world, depending on the interaction of the US and Russia in countering the Muslim threat.
            Some diseases of Russian society are specific to Russia only, and some a similar to the West.  The most difficult specific problem is de-selection: mass getting rid of the best people from all walks of life, to which the country's population has been subjected for a century. Even in Stalin’s times Korolyov[A1]  designed rockets that carried the first man-made satellite and sent the first man into space, and Tupolev[A2]  created airplanes suitable for both war and peace. Today in Russia, no matter for how much money, there are no one to develop modern technologies. Real scientists who survived in socialism, left for the West. University, the only Russian school mentioned in the top 100 in the world, is now listed towards its end.
            Even more terrible consequences of anti-selection of the population are in the destruction of morality. In the corruption perception index prepared by Transparency International in December 2014, Russia shares 136th place out of 175 with Nigeria, Cameroon, Iran, Kyrgyzstan and Lebanon. Corruption for society is what cancer is for a man. There are no means to struggle with it. Usually in a society infected with corruption, success in such a struggle only means a replacement of one corrupt official with another.
            And the general problem of Russia and the West is demographic. Its solution in Russia is analogous to Europe - at the expense of emigrants from Muslim countries. In case of Russia, these are the former republics of the USSR. Nowadays, Muslims make up about 15% of the country. In the next decade, this figure is expected to reach 20%, approximately as in Israel and much higher than in other European countries.
            In this regard, the problem of terrorism for Russia is extremely relevant. The last major attack - in the St. Petersburg subway - was made by a native of Kyrgyzstan.
            The most dangerous for today's world among the Islamist forces is the aggressive regime of Iran, fueled by Obama's 150 billion of dollars, on the way to mastering nuclear weapons. Well informed journalist Caroline Glick in an article from March 23 explains: "Obama's foreign policy crowned achievement was his nuclear deal with the mullahs. It opened Iran's way to the nuclear arsenal and promises the regime of realization of Ayatollah Khomeini’s wildest dream ... In Obama’s last year at the office, his greatest concern was to ensure that his nuclear deal with Iran survived his presidency.
            Glick points out the means of solving the deadly threat: "For decades, Russia was the main supplier of arms to Iran ... If Trump could convince Russia to abandon Iran's support, he would have had the opportunity to dismantle the regime in Tehran, neutralize the Iranian nuclear program and destroy Hezbollah without the need for a major war. The payment of Russia for consent to such a deal will be significant. But if Trump accepts such a policy, the US has many negotiating "arguments" that he can use to persuade Putin to withdraw from the ayatollahs and eliminate the threat that they represent for US interests. "
            The problem with this strategy is obvious. Glick explains: "Since the election day, the Democrats and their loud flapping seals in the media, as well as allies in the US intelligence community, have hit the drums of war against Russia and accused Trump and his advisers that they act as Russian puppets at best and agents at worst ... Trump needs a deal with the Russians. The only question is whether he is willing to pay the political price this transaction will require? "
            The answer to this question will result in whether the Iranian atomic bomb will explode in an unpredictable place in the next decade or two?

 [A1]Sergei Pavlovich Korolev, 1907 – 1966 worked as the lead Soviet rocket engineer and spacecraft designer
 [A2]Andrei Nikolayevich Tupolev was a pioneering Soviet aircraft designer. During his career, he designed and oversaw the design of more than 100 types of aircraft, some of which set 78 world records. 

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