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Lights! Camera! Gala! at the Joy District Gathers Investors, Producers, and Film Enthusiasts


Lights! Camera! Gala! at the Joy District Gathers Investors, Producers, and Film Enthusiasts

On May 6, Joy District club in downtown Chicago hosted Lights! Camera! Gala! – an exclusive social event organized by Film Production company to celebrate and support Ewa Bielska films and the upcoming feature “Her Call.” About 140 guests networked, listened to keynote speakers from the film and business world, enjoyed live music, participated in silent auction, took photos on the red carpet with pro photographers, tasted exquisite drinks and hors d’oeuvres, and mingled with Chicago’s influencer crowd, rubbing shoulders with a number of film producers and actors in attendance.

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Introducing her work, Ewa Bielska remarked,“Film has the power to transport us to new worlds, ignite our imaginations, and connect us through shared experiences. Let us embrace the magic of cinema together and celebrate the boundless creativity of filmmakers.” The film “Her Call” follows Mala, a recovering gambling addict and former poker hustler, as she is pulled back into the life she fought hard to escape. The film centers around the struggles of a young woman operating in a predominantly male environment, and the mind games played at the poker table – and beyond.

This highly-anticipated event offered a night of entertainment, inspiration, and valuable business connections for the attendees. It was also announced that The Film Production company is currently seeking enthusiastic partners to bring the newest “Her Call” series to life. Investors and producers are invited to join forces with the company, to create a fascinating production that will captivate audiences around the world.

L. Mogul, S. Telis for Kontinent Media Group

Contributor T. Kravchenko

Photos: Kent Photo and Kontinent Media

To learn more about the film “Her Call” or for contact info: www.hercalltvseries.net

” When her ex-con brother reappears in her life, a gambling addict turned therapist is thrust back into the dangerous world of high stakes underground poker.”

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