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This essay is a frank and sometimes unflattering discussion on some controversial issues related to Jews.

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What have the mass killings of Jews in Israel by Hamas to do with the Holocaust? Why is behavior of Jews often so reckless and even suicidal? What role are Jews playing in this hostile to them world?

The essay is based on the book Law of Conservation of Jews by Valdemar Malin (Ref. 1). (See references at the end of the essay).

Is Hamas Massacre of Jews а Holocaust?

On October 7, 2023, military units of the terrorist organization Hamas invaded the South regions of Israel from the Gaza Strip and perpetrated mass murders of Jews comparable only with the Holocaust.

The Hamas massacre in Israel have evoked painful memories and emotions linked to the atrocities and annihilation of six million Jews by the Nazis during World War 2 (WW2).

Some world leaders in the US and Europe have already drawn a parallel between those two tragic events. There are others who believe that Hamas massacre is another Holocaust in Jewish history. Such belief is by no means a fantasy. After all, there were two more Holocausts lost in the maze of Jewish history (Ref. 2).

Overwhelmed by strong emotions, мany people claim that the atrocities and the enormous losses of lives in Israel are the sufficient evidence to call the Hamas massacre another Holocaust.

But are such claims accurate? Let’s find out. But before we start, let’s leave emotions aside and take into account only hard facts.

Although the atrocities perpetrated by Hamas are comparable with those of the Nazis during the Holocaust, this is not the sufficient basis for such claims. Otherwise, the entire human history would have to be considered one continuous Holocaust.

As for the losses of Jewish lives during both events, they are not even comparable. For example, оn October 7, 2023, the Hamas terrorists have murdered 1,400 people in 2 days (700 per day).

But on September 1941, at the Babi Yar, on the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital Kiev, the Nazis have murdered, also in 2 days, 33,000 people (17,500 per day).

Over 5 years of the Holocaust, the Nazis were killing in average about 3,300 Jews every day!

In general, the terrorists during the Hamas invasion killed just 0.01% of the world Jewish population, while the Nazis during the Holocaust—35% (3,500 times more)!

Therefore, the claims, which equate the Hamas massacre with the mass murders perpetrated during the Holocaust (even with noble intention to reveal the scale of the Hamas heinous atrocities), in fact, tend to downplay the consequences and significance of the Holocaust, the most horrific catastrophe in the history of the Jewish people!

The Holocaust is an extreme form of genocide. The Article II of the Genocide Convention adapted by the Organization of the United Nations (UN) after WW2 defines the main indicators of genocide (Ref. 2). The Hamas massacre does not rise to the level of the Article II by the scale and other indicators.

Well, if the Hamas massacre is not another Holocaust, does it have anything to do with the Holocaust? Yes it does!

I will dare to make a provocative assumption that the event, which happened in October 2023, is a warning signal for Jews about an approaching Holocaust!

This assumption does not look so shocking, if you look at the historic events that happened in the second half of the 1930s in Europe. Just make a note of two distinguishable signs of a looming then Holocaust.

The first sign—the world public opinion turned sharply against Jews.

The second sign—there was a dangerous tension in the world that turned into a big war.

It is striking, but the similar events and the signs of a looming Holocaust can be observed recently in Israel and in the world too. These alarming similarities are described below.

The Turn of the World Public Opinion

The first sign of a looming Holocaust is a sharp turn of the world public opinion against Jews.

Jews have never been able to earn sympathy from the local population of the host countries. But in the second half of 1930s, the entire world turned its back on Jews. It was an ominous sign—the Holocaust is coming!

In July 1938, at a French resort Evian, an international conference was held to address the problem of German and Austrian Jewish refugees fleeing from persecution by Nazis Germany. The conference was attended by 32 countries, the members of the League of Nations, and by 24 voluntary organizations. But they unanimously, except for the Dominican Republic, refused to take in the Jewish refugees. The world public opinion turned openly against Jews.

At first, Hitler had no intentions to kill Jews. He was trying to convince them (or persuade them by persecution) to leave Germany. He even offered assistance to the volunteers who were willing to relocate to Palestine. But after the Evian conference, Hitler realized that he could kill Jews with impunity. As a result, a plan was developed under the code name “Final solution of Jewish question”—a heinous plan to annihilate the Jewish people.

Thus, the League of Nations sent an ominous message to mortal enemies of Jews—the world does not care about Jews and no one will stand up for them.

Thus, in July 1938, Jews received an early warning—Holocaust is coming. And soon, on October 8, 1939 (Ref. 3), the Nazis started the Holocaust!

But what a coincidence! On October 27, 2023, just 85 years after the Evian conference, an emergency session of the General Assembly of the United Nations was held in New York. Its goal was to address the problem of refugees from Gaza fleeing the war between Hamas and Israel. The war started on October 7, 2023 after the Hamas massacre of Jews, including children, women and elderly.

The goal of the resolution to “seize fire” prepared by 22 Arab states, in fact, was to prevent Israel from retaliating and destroying Hamas. Nevertheless, it was adopted by the overwhelming majority (only 14 of 193 countries voted against). However, the amendment calling for condemnation of the horrific massacre of Jews by Hamas was rejected.

Thus, the UN, the organization founded in 1946 in the wake of the Holocaust, the worst massacre of Jews during WW2, sent an ominous signal to mortal enemies of Jews again—the world does not care about Jews and no one will stand up for them.

When a canary in a coal mine is in turmoil and drops on its back, this is a warning signal of danger to miners—the deadly gas is in the air and a catastrophe is imminent!

If the world is in turmoil and turns its back on Jews, it is a signal to Jews—a catastrophe is imminent!

Threat or Outbreak of a War

The second sign of a looming Holocaust is the threat or the outbreak of a big war. Holocaust never comes alone, it’s always accompanied by invasions, rebellions and wars. No wonder the Holocaust started right after the start of WW2.

For example, let’s compare the events that happened in Europe before and right after WW2 to those that happened in the Middle East in our days.

In the second half of the 1930s, the world’s events were unfolding following an ominous scenario of a tragic drama.

The first act of this drama played out on the European continent that resembled a real powder keg at that time. Nazi Germany was preparing to invade Poland, while the USSR was preparing to join Germany in order to put an end to Poland’s independence. As for Great Britain and France, they threatened to intervene into this conflict if Germany invades Poland.

In the second act of this drama, Nazi Germany invaded Poland on September 1, 1939, and Great Britain and France declared war on Germany on September 3, 1939. As a result, this conflict turned into WW2, while the Holocaust broke out at the very beginning of the war—on October 8, 1939.

Today, the world’s events follow a similar scenario of the same tragic drama.

The first act of this drama is unfolding right before our eyes. This time, the main events play out in the Middle East that resembles a powder keg also.

The terror organization Hamas was preparing to invade Israel, while another terror group Hezbollah in Lebanon and Syria are ready to join Hamas. As for the US, it threatened to intervene into this regional conflict if Hezbollah or Iran joins Hamas.

In the second act Hamas invaded Israel on October 7, 2023. But what will happen next is not known yet. Will this regional conflict turn into WW3? Will another Holocaust follow the war? And will Jews in Israel (and even all over the world) become its victims again?

Will the history repeat itself? Today, Jews live at the most dangerous time. They have never been in such danger since their Exodus from Egypt 3500 years ago.

The situation is radically changed now due to Internet and social networking. Make a note, the next day after the Hamas massacre of Jews in Israel, the enemies of Jews organized the coordinated protests and demonstrations in support of Hamas, treats and intimidations against Jews, terror acts and pogroms all over the world.

Аn ominous omen! It became obvious what is in store for Jews if a new Holocaust breaks out. It will reach all Jews, with no exception; no matter where they are; how loud they condemn Israel; or how passionately they want peace with Palestinians.

Jews will have no place to run to, except Israel. Now, it is the only refuge for all Jews, even for those who support the enemies of Jews and undermine the security of Israel.

Here is another ominous omen! The Nazis started mass killings of Jews in Europe on October 8, 1939, while, on October 7, 2023 (practically at the same day), Hamas started mass killings of Jews in Israel!

What is this? The irony of history or a bad omen of a looming Holocaust?

Weird Jews and Their Role in This World

The events that happened on October 7, 2023 raised a number of age-old questions about Jews again. Why do Jews behave so weird? Don’t they have an instinct of self-preservation? What role does the Jewish people play in this world? How did they earn their right to exist, while all other ancient peoples became extinct?

Jews are famous for their striking intellect, as well as for unwavering over-confidence in their rightness and infallibility. This may explain their recklessness and inability to recognize a looming danger.

Today, the alarm sirens are wailing deafening loud. They warn Jews about an approaching mortal danger. But reckless Jews are over-confident that it is a false alarm!

Today, the mortal enemies have driven Jews to the brink of an abyss and are trying to throw them into it. But infallible Jews still stubbornly believe that they can reason with the blood-thirsty fanatics who dedicated their lives to annihilation of all Jews and destruction of Israel!

Many smart Jews are notoriously known for their striking naivety, often bordering on stupidity. Only Jews can play their favorite games of humanism and empathy, equality and justice with their murderers before and even after mass killings in Israel!

For example, to repay evil with good (to provide free medical care for killers of Jews and their families at Jewish hospitals).

To respond to cruelty with generosity (to supply their enemies with free food, water and electricity).

To meet atrocities with restraint (before bombing, to warn civilians of their enemy who are intentionally murdering civilians in Israel without warning).

And to show empathy for the weak and the poor (even if the weak and the poor are killing Jews and their children).

And, finally, Jews are notoriously known for their inborn rebellious nature and idealism. This may explain their David vs. Goliath syndrome—often reckless and even suicidal behavior in the past and now.

For example, why did a tiny group of ancient Jews rebel against mighty ancient Assyrian or Roman Empires? After all, they knew beforehand that they were doomed to death! Instead of freedom, they brought the Assyrian and Roman Holocausts (2)!

Why did Jews conceive the idea of socialism and cannot part with it even today? After all, it became clear today that socialism killed more Jews than all the Holocausts combined have done.

Or why do many modern Jews support Hamas and oppose Israel after the Hamas massacre? Why do they undermine the security of Israel? After all, they know that Israel is their last and the only refuge in the world!

Such irrational and even suicidal behavior raises a fundamental question. Do Jews behave this way on their own free will? And it leads to a rather provocative and shocking assumption:


You cannot even blame them for their behavior! Something compels them to unconsciously walk down a certain road. And Jews walk. They have been walking on this road since the Exodus. Jews know from their past experience that, if they get off this road, they will go through pain and suffering and will end up at the edge of an abyss. But the reckless Jews get off the road anyway and continue their suicidal walk toward the abys! It happens over and over again.

And here something inexplicable happens—each time, Jews are stopped and saved from falling into the abyss! That’s why the Jewish people continues living on Earth instead of vanishing forever long ago!

When you undergo surgery, pain and suffering is the price you pay for saving your life. The Jewish people have been on the operating table of History too often. They have earned their right to exist at the enormous costs of suffering.

So why are they here in this world? Jews are here to play a special role. They are not destined to be neither the most numerous people, nor the most obscure one. If Jews disappear, the world will suffer, but not disappear. After all, our ancestors lived in caves for millennia. But if there are too many Jews, then…well, just imagine the turmoil in the world inhabited by thousands of Jews like Karl Marx or Leo Trotsky!

Here is an allegory. We cannot live without salt. But if there is not enough salt, soup is tasteless; too much salt—it’s inedible.


So, will the next Holocaust come again? Let’s hope that history will take a break this time.


Тhanks to an inexplicable miracle—the Law of conservation of Jews (1).


1. Valdemar Malin. Law of Conservation of Jews

2. Valdemar Malin. Two Unknown Holocausts

3. Valdemar Malin. Jews and Boundaries of Reality

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