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Valdemar Malin | Moses and Donald Trump


Valdemar Malin | Moses and Donald Trump

About the event of October 7, 2023 in Israel.

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Does History Repeat Itself?

Let’s make it clear. This assay does not compare Trump to Moses, per se. It compares the behavior of ancient Jews during and after their Exodus from Egypt to the behavior of modern American Jews during and after the presidency of Donald Trump.

If you dig the 3500-year-long history of the Jewish people really deep, you can find that there are many events that repeated themselves.

On October 7, 2023, at dawn, Israel was attacked by the military units of the Palestinian terror organization Hamas. The attack was sudden and unexpected. The terrorists invaded the Southern regions of Israel from the Gaza strip and perpetrated mass murders of Jews that are comparable only with the Holocaust.

Is the Hamas massacre a random event in Jewish history? Not, of course. Just 50 years earlier, on October 6, 1973, Israel was attacked by the armies of Egypt and Syria. The attack was sudden and unexpected too. And again, Jews, figuratively speaking, “fell asleep at the wheel.”

It may seem that Jewish history is just a pile of chaotic, random events. It is not. There are many hidden and surprising regularities as was shown in the book “Law of Conservation of Jews” by Valdemar Malin.

The Hamas invasion caught Israelis off guard. But this mistake was by no means accidental. It is a part of a regularityJews do not learn from their mistakes repeating them over and over again.

Behavior of Jews did not change during entire Jewish history—from the Exodus of Jews from Egypt and up to these days although 3500 years have passed since that time. It does not matter that Jews were homeless during the Exodus, while they live in their own state now—Jews keep repeating the same mistakes.

To prove this, let’s compare how ancient Jews behaved during the Exodus from Egypt led by Moses, their saver, to the behavior of the American Jews 3500 years later during the presidency of Donald Trump, one of the most faithful friend and protector of Jews.

Judge by yourself.

How Ancient Jews Treated Moses

Although ancient Jews lived in Egypt for centuries, they still lived on a foreign land amid hostile population. The enslaved Jews were deprived of their identity and faith. They suffered from poverty and violence, hard labor and coercion to worship the Egyptian idol called the Golden Calf. It symbolized for Jews a system of values associated with slavery, as well as with pain, suffering and death.

But in 1440 before Common Era (BCE), Moses, a messenger of G-d, led ancient Jews out of Egypt and brought them to the foot of Mount Sinai. At arrival, Moses ascended the mountain to meet G-d who has done so much for his chosen people.

After all, G-d forced the Egyptian pharaoh to let Jewish people go, thus, liberating Jews from slavery and giving them freedom. G-d kept their enemies at bay—he parted the Red sea to save the Jews fleeing from the slaughter by the pursuing pharaoh’s army.

But the most important—G-d promised and gave primitive ancient Jews—the Ten Commandments, a new advanced system of values unheard in the ancient world (don’t murder, don’t steal, don’t covet, etc.). It became a moral code intended to teach Jews (and later the entire humanity) how to live and treat one another and how to achieve freedom and prosperity.

Also, God promised and gave the homeless Jewish people the land of their own, the Promised Land of Israel. Those were the priceless gifts from G-d.

But here something unthinkable has happened! Some Jews rebelled against…G-d himself! Many other joined them contrary to their own interests and security.

Inexplicable! Moses left his people below at the foot of Mount Sinai just for 40 days, but it was enough for Jews to become collectively restless, impatient and show their rebellious nature.

Even more inexplicable—Jews became nostalgic for their miserable life in Egypt and for the system of values of their slave masters. Therefore, they made the Egyptian idol the Golden Calf although it was a symbol of slavery, as well as pain, suffering and death.

What a colossal mistake it was, especially after everything that G-d has done for Jews!

But this is not all! Jews rebelled against Moses too! Moses was a strong and bold leader. He was a staunch defender of Jews standing up not only to mighty pharaoh, but G-d himself. He not only delivered the Jewish people from bondage, he brought them to the Promised Land.

But here something unthinkable has happened again! Jews, contrary to their own interests and security, “voted” to replace Moses with weak, indecisive and clueless Aaron who could not stand up to the rebels and gave in to their demands. But a sign of weakness has always been fatal for any people—it emboldens their enemies!

What happened at the foot of Mount Sinai predetermined the nature of Jewish collective behavior for millennia to come. Jews will always rebel against everyone and everywhere. They will not learn from their mistakes and repeat them over and over again. If there are many roads, and the only one leads to an abyss, Jews will always choose this road.

In other words, the ancient Jews made a fateful mistake during the Exodus. Pain, suffering and death followed this mistake. The events developed as follows.

After 40-days of absence, Moses descended from Mount Sinai and Jews recognized him as their leader again.

The punishment followed for all Jews (I emphasize the word all for naïve and idealistic readers).

For some Jews death did not take long to come. The rest of Jews had to wander, in pain and suffering, in the barren, burning sands of the Sinai desert until the generation of the rebels died out.

How Modern Jews Treated Donald Trump

In 2016, Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States. А strong and bold leader, he was the most pro-Israel US President, the most faithful friend and the staunchest defender of the Jewish people and Israel.

Trump promised and recognized the right of Jews to the Promised Land, the only US president who took a risk to do so.

Trump promised and recognized the Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights, regained from Syria in 1967. No one before Trump had guts to do so.

Trump promised and has delivered on his promise to relocate the American Embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem and to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This was especially important act! In 1995, the US Congress adopted the Act urging the US Government to do the relocation. Yet, over 20 years, all Trump’s predecessors did not even promise to do so.

Trump was the only US president who prayed at the Western wall. He kept at bay Iran and other mortal enemies of Jews, and he destroyed the Islamic State in Iraq. This list can go on and on.

Every Jew must understand that his fate and the fate of the entire Jewish people depends now on Israel. Israel disappears today—all Jews will disappear tomorrow, including the modern American Jews!

So, the American Jews are supposed to enthusiastically support President Trump considering that he has done so much for the Jewish state of Israel, aren’t they?

But contrary to their own interests and security, Jews rebelled against Trump! It’s inexplicable! Jews did everything they could to impeach him. Moreover, Jews rebelled against Israel too! They created many anti-Israel organizations to boycott and deprive of aid the Jewish state—the only safe refuge for every Jews in the world.

Trump was a staunch supporter of free-market capitalism. He was a fierce fighter against collectivism and its various ideological variations—Marxism, socialism or communism.

It’s inexplicable why so many Jews are addicted to this ideology. Jews cannot quit even if they fled from the USSR, the bastion of socialism, or other socialist countries, in which Jews had experienced firsthand Government-sponsored anti-Semitism and discrimination, persecution and GULAG, poverty and injustice, destruction of Jewish language and culture.

Jews cannot quit even when they live in the USA, the bastion of capitalism, in which Jews feel themselves equal, prosperous and free! Today, very many Jews (relative to their population in the US) are among the members of the Congress, the Government or even the Supreme Court and, especially, among billionaires and millionaires! Jews can worship their religion without fear of discrimination, persecution or pogroms.

So, the American Jews are supposed to rally around such staunch defender of capitalism as President Trump, aren’t they? But contrary to their own interests and security, Jews voted against Trump!

Moreover, Jews rebelled also against free-market capitalism that made Jews equal, prosperous and free. They became nostalgic for socialism that, in the past, brought them antisemitism and discrimination, persecution and GULAG, poverty and injustice, destruction of Jewish language and culture.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Jews overwhelmingly support the Democratic Party that is currently poisoned by socialist ideology. Today, members of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) became a part of the Democratic Party. They have just 3 endorsed representatives in the US Congress, while 51 state lawmakers and 132 local officials are affiliated with the DSA.

Not many of them, but they drive the party’s agenda. It’s because this little-known DSA, which was founded by Marxist Michael Harrington in 1982, is, in fact, a communist organization hiding its origin as a coalition of former radical members of the Socialist and Communist parties of the USA. (See V. Malin. Who are You, Democratic Socialists? ).

In addition, a self-proclaimed socialist (in fact, a soviet-style communist) Bernie Sanders serves in the Senate and ran also as a democrat for the US President twice. He was supported by thousands of Jewish voters.

Trump was a fierce fighter against anti-Semitism. It is not surprising for a person whose son-in-law, daughter and grandchildren are Jewish.

In December 2019, Trump signed an Executive Order (EO) to further the fight against the rise of anti-Semitism. It’s very important today, especially for the students at the campuses of American colleges. It made anti-Semitism a hate crime. It also gave Jewish students (and all American Jews) the protection against holding Jews collectively responsible for everything that happened outside the US, especially in Israel. Not a single president had the courage to do so.

So, the American Jews are supposed to enthusiastically support President Trump for making such a great contribution into the struggle against anti-Semitism, aren’t they? Just the opposite!

Jews accused Trump himself of… anti-Semitism! It’s astonishing! But a real reason was that Trump sharply criticized liberal Jews for their strong support of socialist ideology and the Democratic Party. Also, for insufficient support of Israel and its Prime-Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who replaced the socialist economy in Israel with the free-market economy.

In fact, it were the American Jews who helped to legitimize anti-Semitism—they support the Democratic Party that has long been infected with anti-Semitism. Of course, they flatly deny the existence of this long-standing, deep-rooted and well camouflaged problem.

However, the recent atrocities perpetrated by Hamas in Israel on October 7, 2023 exposed the hypocrisy of democrats and blew their skirt up, so to speak. Many democratic state officials and members of the Congress has refused to condemn Hamas, while many supported Hamas by demanding for the Israeli to cease fire and, thus, to save the terrorists. About 90% congressmen-democrats voted against the aid to Israel.

At the same time, thousands of the rank and file democrats, including liberal Jews, were marching along with the pro-Hamas protestors. What a hypocrisy! Jews were not outraged by the slogans “From the river to the sea” that call for elimination of the state of Israel and murdering all the Jews there. But they were outraged by “anti-Semitism” of Trump.

Here is a historic analogy. Like Trump, President Richard Nixon was accused of anti-Semitism too. The reason was also his strong criticism of liberal Jews, for their support of socialist ideology and the Democratic Party.

But it was the anti-Semite Nixon who stood up for and saved the Jewish people from annihilation when Israel was attacked by the Arab countries in October 1973!

And it was the anti-Semite Nixon who took a risk of possible military conflict with the USSR to save the state of Israel overruling the objections of two influential Jews—the Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and the Secretary of Defense James Schlesinger!

SummaryMoses vs. Trump

And, finally, let’s summarize how Jews behaved during Exodus and during the presidency of Donald Trump.

During the Exodus, in 1440 BCE, ancient Jews rebelled against G-d himself! They rebelled also against Moses who delivered them from bondage to freedom. They replaced Moses, a strong and bold leader, with a weak and indecisive Aaron. Also, they returned to worshiping a foreign and harmful for them idolatry, the Golden Calf, defying God who has done so much for them.

Suffering and death swiftly followed this mistake as the ancient Jews had to wander in the Sinai desert for a long time.

Incredible, but a striking repetition of history is happening again right before our eyes.

In 2020 (that is 3500 years later), the modern American Jews rebelled against Trump who was the most faithful friend and protector of the Jewish people and the state of Israel. Jews replaced Trump, a strong and bold leader, with a weak and indecisive Joe Biden. But weakness emboldens enemies.

Also, Jews returned to worshipping a foreign and harmful for them ideology of Marxism and socialism defying free market capitalism that brought them equal treatment, freedom and prosperity.

Suffering and death swiftly followed this mistake. On October 7, 2023, the emboldened Hamas has perpetrated the most heinous mass murders of Jews since the Holocaust!

Thus, history repeated itself in 2023. But will it repeat itself again in 2024? You see the historic drama of the Exodus (Moses vs. Aaron) was played out in two acts.

The first actMoses was rejected by the ancient Jews in 1440 BCE. It was done undeservedly and by no serious reasons.

The second actMoses assumed his leadership role again because Jews came to their senses and supported him.

Nowadays, a similar historic drama (Trump vs. Biden) is playing out again and in two acts also.

The first actDonald Trump was also rejected, this time, by the modern American Jews in 2020 CE. It was done undeservedly and by no serious reasons also.

The second act—it has just begun. But will it be similar to the second act of the Exodus drama?

Will Trump assume his leadership role again in 2024? There is no answer to this question yet.

Will the American Jews come to their senses and support Trump, this time?

This answer is clear—Jews never learn from their mistakes!

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