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Boris Gulko

A magnificent picture is the creation of the Almighty: glaciated mountains, fertile valleys cut by deep rivers. The sun's rays bear fertile energy, and the earth reserves are stored in the form of oil and gas. The precisely verified orbit of the planet allows us to be in a narrow spectrum of the climate that allows biological life. "And God saw that it was good" repeated many times in the Torah about creating all this perfection.
But there was one bottleneck in God's creation. Already on the day of their creation, Eve fed Adam a forbidden fruit, and they "realized their nakedness" (Genesis 3:7). The Creator, disgusted, asked Adam: "Who told you that you were naked?" (3:11) It became clear that the problem of sex had come, "ruddy fief", as Sasha Chernyi[A1]   called it.
Yet after the flood the Creator was able to save the people who accepted the Torah rules that regulate sexuality. According to these rules, girls must remain innocent before marriage, and in marriage remain faithful to their husbands. The circle of those who marry is limited to different-sexed people who are not closely related. Divorce is permitted, but swing is forbidden: a divorced woman, having been with another man, is already forbidden to her past husband. Polygamy is allowed, and in some cases prescribed. So, even a married man is obliged to take his wife as a childless brother's widow. If he refuses, his house is called the "shabby house". A widow can’t refuse such a marriage.
The biblical story that has become relevant today concerns Joseph and the wife of his master Potiphar, the chief over the executioners of the pharaoh. She said to Joseph, "Lie down with me" (39:7), Joseph answered "... how will I do this great evil and sin before God?" (39:9) But one day, when they were alone, the wife of Potiphar "grabbed him by his clothes, saying: "Lie down with me!" But he left his clothes in her hands and ran out." (39:12) Having material evidence of Joseph's clothes, Potiphar 's wife blamed the attempted rape – proof was still required those times. Joseph was imprisoned. This is the first known accusation of a man in sexual harassment.
In the last decades, with the loss of religiousness, the secular Western world gained unprecedented sexual freedom. All taboos of sexual life swiftly died, one after another: same-sex marriages are legalized, in Europe now the admissibility of incest is being discussed. "Toilet President" Obama made common toilet rooms and showers the norm for ordinary people and for those who have not decided on their gender.
Asya Kramer in the essay "The Inquisitors and the Amazons" quoted the words of the LGBT activist: "Schoolgirls should get used to the fact that they can see the penis in the toilet!"
But suddenly the women rebelled against the newly found sexual freedom. No, they do not seek to deprive themselves of the conquered liberties.  On a contrary, nor very consistently (where have you seen very consistent women?) they want to keep their sexual liberties, but completely deprive men of them.  Starting with the incident by producer Harvey Weinstein, the tsunami passed through American life, criminalizing any hint of male sexuality today, yesterday, and even the day before yesterday. At the same time, evidence of this criminal sexuality is not required. It is enough that the woman reported that half a century ago someone looked at her with lust, and the man no longer can wash this off.  At the same time, I knew girls who always thought they were looked at with lust.
93-year-old former President Bush, who has been moving around in a wheelchair a couple of years now, posing for a group photo, as was customary, slightly hugged, actress Heather Lind, according to her words. He did not quite reach her waist, apparently, from the wheelchair.  The accusation from the actress came only now. Bush apologized, although he did not remember the most epoch-making event, perhaps because of his old age.
Reading the memoires of women, I noticed that ladies, even with a rich romantic history, usually remember when someone was rejected. This is the form of atavistic chastity. Actress Jessica Teich accused the actor Richard Dreyfus now of the sex proposal that he made to her in 1980, describing: "I can’t remember how my face was next to his penis ... I did not do it, I left." Dreyfus was amazed - for the last 30 years he and Jessica were close friends. 30 years of friendship and now she comes out with this!
Since there is no past, the press has seen articles of ladies with regrets that 20 years ago they did not finish Bill Clinton off and did not achieve his impeachment. This is the same President who signed the law that  repealed the presumption of innocence for men in cases of suspicion of sexual harassment!
But in case of Clinton, the ladies were late - the train has gone, he is no longer the president. Then they remembered they had missed Judge Thomas. In the distant 1991, when listening to the senate on Thomas's approval as a member of the Supreme Court, Anita Hill, who rightly followed the judge at all stages of his career, accused Thomas that he spoke obscenity to her.
Thomas denied everything. For two weeks CNN broadcasted to the whole world obscenities of which the judge was accused. I watched this in Reykjavik[A2] , where I played chess[A3]  at that time, and learned quite a few new words and expressions for myself.
Now there are publications with appeals to go back to those hearings that demand to expel the foul-mouthed judge from the Supreme Court. But this is unlikely to happen.
First of all, Thomas is a black man.
Second, those hearings of Judge Thomas markedly changed the  generally accepted vocabulary of American public figures. Many of the indecencies of which Thomas was accused, today are allowed for public figures in a speech. Senator from the State of New York and a possible presidential candidate in 2020, Kirsten Gillibrand, of course, a great defender of women from the sexual harassment, twice in her public speeches used the word "f". In other words – she was swearing. The vice-president Biden also allowed himself this in front of the microphone.
The current offensive of women against men was accurately foreseen in the symbols of the 1987 film "The Witches of Eastwick", based on the novel by John Updike. There are three women, beautiful in different ways, and a little witchy, which is what often happens to beautiful women. They imagine an ideal lover. The dream materializes in the form of the brilliant Jack Nicholson, who is, of course, from their department, the witchy one.
The Devil in every way appease the witches in his luxurious villa, treats them to wonderful time with fireworks. But at the end the witches still decide to get rid of him.
The Devil tries to hide from the witches in the church - where else? He addresses the parishioners: "... I want to ask you about something. You all go to church. Do you think God knew what he was doing when he created the woman? Or do you think it was one of His little mistakes? Like typhoons! Earthquakes! Flooding! Do you think women are from this kind of his errors? ... You don’t believe that God could make a mistake? Of course, it's wrong. We are all mistaken. Only, when we are mistaken, we say that it’s a work of the Devil. When God is mistaken, they say – it’s Nature. So what do you think? Women were a mistake? Or did he create them intentionally? I want to know! If this is a mistake, maybe something can be done! Find a cure! Invent the vaccine to develop immunity. Do the exercises. Twenty push-ups a day ... and women will not bother you anymore! ... "
In the final shot, Nicholson throws the last glance at his mistresses.  But they mercilessly press the remote and destroy him.

Most of the current accusations against men are slander by definition. Evidence of the prosecution may not be sufficient - this is decided by the court. But if there is no proof at all, there is no other way to call them but libelous. Of course, the accused can confess to the deed, and save the accuser.

This is not the case of the conservative judge from Alabama, 70-year-old Roy Moore. Moore made a name for himself on a national scale when in 1994, as a district judge, he installed in his office a panel with 10 biblical commandments. Soon the judge installed a monument with these quotations in front of the court building as well. It is hard to find a politician more hated by liberals in America than Judge Moore.
On December 12, Judge Moore will be considered for election to the US Senate. For this occasion, 9 women rummaged in their memory and accused the judge in cases of Sexual Harassment – the most recent being 26 years ago. One of the victims -- a chaste old woman remembered, how, more than half a century ago, the boy Roy on a school date kissed her, when she didn’t want him to. The entire American press, the political leaders of both parties of the country, went into fits of indignation and demanded that the judge should withdraw his candidacy from the elections. Many crimes have a statute of limitations. But not an unwanted school date kiss. The question is: what half a century ago the girl was expecting on a date?

John Nolte of Breitbart News, having reviewed the charges brought against Judge Moore and finding forgeries came to the conclusion that they all "go beyond the ridiculous. Legion of sick freaks, imitating moral horror because of the acquaintance of a 30-year-old man with a 16-year-old girl (in Alabama, 16 years is recognized as the age of majority) is the height of party spirit. Do not forget that the same people who display the indignation, find it normal when the 7-year-old chooses whether to change his sex; kindergartners lose their innocence through homosexuality lessons; a magazine for teenagers Teen Vogue publishes instructions on anal sex and 12-year-old girls are exposed to a penis belonging to a mentally ill person, a man in a woman's dress. You are sick freaks. Deliver me from your indignation."

But doesn’t the quantity go into quality here? 9 of the Moore’s accusers – all of them are slanderers? The magic of the figures is interesting: Mark Twain in the story "Running for Governor" has the same number 9: "... on someone's instigation during the pre-election meeting, nine kids of all skin colors and in a variety of rags scrambled to the rostrum and, clinging to my feet, began to shout: "Daddy!"
The most deceitful US politician Hilary Clinton calls for "believing women." In addition to the flaw in the legal consciousness of the most popular presidential contender in the last election, which considers the presumption of innocence to be irrelevant, the question itself is important: Are women more truthful than men?
I think that no, they are not. I recall the incident in 2006 about students of Duke University, the players of lacrosse team that excited the country for a long time. The stripper who they invited to the party accused three guys of rape. Parents lost their lives on lawyers, the guys lost a year of life. But DNA analysis was possible: among many strippers’ partners in the last days, the accused guys were not found.
It was an easy case. And if 50 years have passed since the criminal kiss? The saliva dried up, the analysis here will not help. In addition, the list of sexual crimes has grown. Now it includes a smirk and an indiscreet look.
There is nothing to complain about. You need to search, as the Devil in a film said, for solutions. You can follow the ultra-Orthodox. Go to New Square - it's not far from New York. There Hasidim walk on separate sidewalks - one for men, the other - for women. In shops - separate entrances. Also observe an organized life in some religious towns of Israel, like Ramat Bait Shemesh. Along the street of an ordinary city, an ultra-orthodox man walks along the tunnel: he does not see women walking on either side. Such a Jew will not touch a woman who isn’t his wife, specifically won’t smooch her on a cheek. Here is a memorable case: when Margaret Thatcher was presented to the cabinet of Israel, and gave a hand to the religious minister Joseph Burg, he hid his hands behind his back.
Ultra-orthodoxes marry their children as early as possible. They believe that love does not come before the wedding, but after it.
And still this doesn’t not guarantee safety against moral impurities. The Israeli newspaper Ha-Yom Guyom reported a regrettable story. A year ago, a lady complained to the police that in 2008 she was raped by a rabbi, who sometimes held classes at the ulpan[A4]  in which she studied (at that time 14 years old). Interrogations dragged on, the rabbi was in prison. Recently, the prosecutor's office canceled the case. The charge against 56-year-old father of 6 children and several grandchildren was not annulled.

Maybe, as the Devil  suggested in the church, look for a vaccine or try push-ups.
Translated by Alla Axelrod Related image

 [A1]Alexander Mikhailovich Glikberg better known as Sasha Chorny 1880-1932 was a Russian poet, satirist and children's writer. 
 [A3]Reykjavik [A3] --capital of Iceland
 [A4]Ulpan is a Hebrew word meaning "studio", "teaching", or "instruction". Theulpan is designed to teach adult immigrants to Israel the basic language skills of conversation, writing and comprehension.

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