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Strangeness of Love and Hate


Strangeness of Love and Hate

  (translated by Alla Axelrod)




The most fateful among the theories of Karl Marx was his idea of proletarian internationalism. After the end of theThirty Years' War of 1618–1648 in Europe religious wars ceased and only interethnic wars remained. Marx reasoned that the proletarians of "all countries" should forget their national identity, unite, overthrow the power of the capitalists and establish their own. When the workers of several European countries gathered in London in 1864 and organized their "First International" for this purpose, Marx drew up a program for him.


The proletarians of Russia, having seized power in 1917, organized the Comintern, designed to implement the idea of Marx and create a world power of workers. The test of its viability was the Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939. In the international brigades of the Comintern, which joined in that war on the side of communists and anarchists, workers, mostly Jews from many countries, fought. Alexei Eisner, aide-de-camp to the legendary General Lukacs (real name of the general is Frankl), in  his memoirs described how he reached Spain in the company of Polish internationalists and Jewish tailors.


Hatred of the fascist Franco served many progressive Jews in Europe a bad service. When most of the continent began to come under the rule of the Nazis and the paths to salvation for Jews were blocked, the only embassy among many other countries the only one instructed to issue entry visas to Jews was the Spanish one. But many progressive Jews rejected the very possibility of salvation offered by a fascist dictator.


On the other hand, Comrade Stalin, assuming that all comintern members were spies and traitors, had to shoot everyone within his reach, or exile them beyond the Arctic Circle. Among them was Eisner, mentioned earlier.   Ehrenburg in his memoir’s comments on a large collective photo of the International Brigades: General Lukacs died, Ehrenburg himself somehow survived, the rest in the picture were killed by Stalin.


More successfully than in Spain, the proletarians fought in MW2, but each for his own country, not uniting. Common to many of them was participation in the "final solution of the Jewish question" – in fact, the "Fourth International".


Thanks to the economic boom that followed MW2, the wealthy proletarians of the West lost their revolutionary character, and the reformers of the world turned their hopes to the neo-Marxism of the philosophers of the Frankfurt School (by a strange coincidence, exclusively Jews), oriented to the revolution of other masses.


Instead of the outdated Marxist "proletarian capitalists," the neo-Marxists have divided the world into "progressive-reactionary." The current U.S. establishment (from there neo-Marxism spreads to Europe) recognizes black racists like BLM; opponents of the rule of law seeking to defund police funding; aggressive Islamists (there are no others); propagandists of the "sexually bizarre" LGBTQI+.  Now the neo-Marxists managed to distinguish 62 genders among people, and the search continues.  U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson hasn't even been able to answer the question how to define a woman.  Progressive aggressive feminists, advocates of abortion until the moment of the first cry of the newborn, and even infanticide. In the very paragraph in the program of neo-Marxists there is also hatred of Israel. Accordingly, those who disagree with the thought and deeds are recognized as reactionaries and expelled from the education system, from the media, from the world of entertainment, and generally from a decent progressive society.


Marx promised his adherents at the end of the road a classless welfare society in which everyone would be expected according to his abilities and given according to his needs. For neo-Marxists, a bright future is not so exotic: global warming will only be stopped in it. Cooling can happen, but they promise to protect us from warming.


Suddenly, the dream of cooling is strongest in Canada, which is already 90% uninhabited due to the Arctic cold, and in Sweden. But Saudi Arabia and the UAE are enjoying the hot weather and the money their oil fields bring them.

Israel, a progressive country, would like to fight the warming, although this year's winter was already cold and rainy, and spring is just cold. But Israel is not accepted into a progressive society because we are its enemies.


This led to the paradox of Jewish national destiny: we are both the creators of social progress and its main opponents. Paul Johnson, in The History of the Jewsargues that the Jew Marx created his theory of revolution because of hatred of Jews and a desire to end their influence, which lies in financial power, in Das Kapital. Jews in Russia faithfully supported its left-wing parties and:  Bolsheviks, Mensheviks and Socialist-Revolutionaries; At the same time, Stalin's mysterious death separated us for days from the bloody all-Union pogrom that was being prepared, which few Jews would have left alive.


Jews are distinguished from other peoples of Western civilization by two of our reactionary qualities: religiosity ("a Jew without God is somehow inconceivable" - Dostoevsky) and nationalism. One can argue that this formula does not describe the vast majority of American Jews belonging to the direction of "atheistic Judaism" - to Reformism, and voting for the enemies of Israel by the US Democratic Party. And in Israel, some Jews support post-Zionist parties. But that's the natural selection we go through. Secular American Jews will melt into America's famous "melting pot" within a generation or two, and Israelis will have to become Jews or leave.


Fight against assimilation is our destiny, starting with the family of Patriarch Jacob Israel. After spending 20 years in the house of his father-in-law Laban and having a large family there - 11 sons and a daughter Dinah, Jacob, in order not to melt among the Arameans, fled from Laban to his motherland. There he stayed in the vicinity of the city of Shechem, where one of the most dramatic events of the Torah took place.  "And Dina came out... look at the daughters of that land. And Shehem, the son of Hamor Khivvitz, the prince of that land, saw her and took her, and lay down with her, and raped her. And his soul clung to Dina, the daughter of Jacob, and he loved the maiden" (Breishit 34:1-3).  Not a good story, but not a unique one. Dina seemed to favor Shechem too. One comment from our sages even mentioned the word "seduced."

Hamor invited Jacob to unite into one nation: "And be related to us: give your daughters for us, and you will take our daughters for yourself. And dwell with us" (34:9-10). The Shechemians, more numerous than Jacob's family, were willing to pay any price for the assimilation of the Jews.

The Jews asked for the "foreskin" of all men. But when, on the third day after the operation, the Shechemians were "sickly, two sons of Jacob… each took their sword and attacked the city confidently and killed all the men. Jacob's Sons... looted the city... and all their children, and had their wives captivated..." (34:25-29).


It seems that the main reason for the defeat of the city was the proposal of King Shechem to to the Jews to assimilate. Matrimonial relations with the Shechemians were not prohibited. So Shimon, one of the perpetrators of the pogrom, later married the Shechem girl Buna. Perhaps the other girls of Shechem became concubines of the sons of Jacob.

But the historical destiny of the Jews does not allow assimilation. Jews must remain Jews.


A similar drama, love against assimilation, happened a few centuries later in the Sinai Desert, on the way of the Jews from Egypt to the land of Israel. Then, on the insidious advice of the non-Jewish prophet Bilam, King Balaq of Moab sent girls to seduce the Jews with the task of assimilating them. Zimri, the chief of the tribe of Shimon, brought the Midianite princess Cosby to his tent. At the time there was pestilence among the Jews. «... Pinchas, son of Elazar, son of Aaron, a priest ... took a spear in his hand... followed the Israelites into the alcove, and pierced both, the Israelite and the woman, through her womb; and the pestilence among the children of Israel ceased" (Bemidbar 25:7-8).

The Almighty, through Moshe, warned the Jews who were on their way to the land Hehad given: "When you cross the Jordan into the land of Canaan... Then drive away all the inhabitants of that land. But if you do not drive the inhabitants of that land away from you, there will be those whom you will leave of them, thorns in your eyes and thorns in your sides, and they will restrain you in the land in which you have settled. And there will be, as I thought I would do to them, I will do to you" (34:51-56). But it is forbidden to oppress individual aliens in the Land of Israel:  "As a resident of a country among you, let you have an alien ... for ye were strangers in the Land of Egypt: love him as yourself" (Vaikra 19:34). An individual alien does not threaten assimilation.


The current Western world is engaged in process like what happened during the construction of the Tower of Babel: the assimilation of different peoples into one. The United States, by definition, works as a "melting pot". European peoples decided to unite in an amorphous "European Union". Traditional forms of the Christian religion in the Western world are fading, but in abundance muslims moving there establish Sharia law in it.  This transformation is accompanied by the global ideology of multiculturalism adopted by the West.

In the dying of the West, the biological factor is even more important than the ideological factor: the aborigines are demographically and demographically in decline. Settlers, unlike them, reproduce.

And the Jews in Israel are fundamentally different from Western women:  on average, Jews have more than three children for each, and at least two for Europeans and Americans.

Thus, the hatred of the neo-Marxist civilization for Israel has, in addition to the ideological one, a completely earthly explanation. This is the envy of a dying civilization to full of life juices, dynamic, continuing its long way in the drama of jewish history in the world.

It is important for us to understand the roots of neo-Marxism's hatred of us and to confront it resolutely.


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