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Collateral damage from what?!


Collateral damage from what?!

Recently I came around an article [1] by a respected historian Victor Hanson with a bitter acknowledgement that a “postmodern idea of truth as a mere pick-and-choose official narrative, is now normal”.

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He notes further:

Some untruths become either

  • “noble lies” that serve communitarian purposes, or
  • canonized lies that would cause too much collateral damage if exposed.

The lie, or at least an unproven “truth,” soon becomes so institutionalized that the effort to challenge, or even modify it, is seen as corrective medicine far worse than the disease of the lie. [Formatting is mine].

Wow! One could hardly invent a more cynical, shameless, and truthful confession, which appeared, by the way, in a resource called “American greatness” (sic)!

In a quite a casual way (as though saying “Sometimes we go shoplifting”), the author observes that this nation (boasting to be a “beacon of humanity”!) denies or distorts the history using it as “didactical tool” for promoting a current political agenda.

We do know that other nations used to do it. For example, Turkey still denies that it perpetrated the holocaust of Armenian Christians over 100 years ago, and it therefore breaks diplomatic relations with anyone who recalls it. Indeed, Sovetskih re-wrote history to their pleasing – but so did also the Russian tsars!


America has been lying and living by propaganda lies at least since the 1861 Civil war.

1) The 1861 Civil war legend and the arguments justifying it are the most lasting lies maintained up to this days. Indeed, slavery in the 19th century was an ugly, shameful (and myopic) practice. However Lincoln started the fratricidal war not to liberate the slaves (never mind accommodate and integrate them), but to prevent the Southern states from exercising their Constitutional right to secede: to secede without any questions asked! And some conservatives keep spreading the lies and propaganda of that time up to now: exactly when a massive secession would be the best way of a peaceful termination of this failed and very sinful union [2].

2) It’s a shame for a historian like Hanson to not miss a chance of kicking the late Senator Joseph McCarty as though for excesses in confronting the Red Peril. It’s for a reason that Dr. Joseph Douglass wrote: “Here has been a national policy going back to the 1920s to hide the crimes of the Communists, especially Russian Communists“. Yes indeed! It would take a book to expose why and how it was done. It does take a book called “American betrayal” by Diana West about hiding the crimes of the Communists, especially Soviet Communists. That’s why America in WWII actually saved the Stalin’s “Icebreaker” plan (V. Suvorov). That’s why America never brought Stalin to the Nuremberg trial – yet admitting his “judges” to administer justice there. And that’s why America and the West prevented a Nuremberg-like trial over Communism in the 1990s already after collapse of the USSR (“Moscow Judgment” by Vladimir Bukovsky).

3) However the ugliest example of denial of truth (because of a “collateral damage” from it) is the American recent history – the enormous 3-act coup consisting of…

Act 1, 2000-2008 (traced by J.B. Williams); 8 attempts of passing congressional bills to rid of the “Natural born” requirement for some upcoming important presidential candidate [4].

Act 2, 2008-2016, the actual imposture of that “candidate” Obama/Soetoro.

Act 3, 2016-2020, non-stop attempts to topple President Trump, and finally toppling him in a vast 2020 election steal by the entire US government, which simultaneously destroyed the integrity of the election in the US for indefinite future [3].

That’s some truth for you America! What? A lot of “collateral damage”?! A medicine far worse than the disease?! But “The truth shall make you free” (if still possible), and also Alexander Solzhenitsyn admonished everybody: “Live not by lies!

By the way, Sovetskih (as unusual as it was for them!) did have prongs of repentance about the Stalinism with cravings for (some) truth, even twice: in the late 1950s [5] and during “Perestroika”. Don’t like such a prescription America?! Too bitter a pill? Then here is some more truth for you:

The nation, in which truth causes “collateral damage”, is damned!

The nation, in which exposure of lies is viewed as medicine worse than the disease, is damned!

America, the former beacon of humanity, now fell so deeply into sin and abomination, that it exemplifies a defeat of civilization [3]. America and the West still exist perhaps only because of an inexplicable oversight by our Creator.

Alexander Gofen (a retired Mathematician)


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