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“Oclomonization of America” Boris Gulko

“Oclomonization of America”
Boris Gulko

In George Orwell's “Animal Farm”, its characters, creating their own society, chose the attractive motto: “All animals are equal!” and even voted: "rats are friends." However, the more savvy of them – pigs, soon stood out from the crowd and added to the constitution: “But some animals are more equal than others.” Thus, an aristocracy was created on the farm.

The aristocracy already produce a leader for deciding the fate of the farm. Otherwise, the animals were threatened with ochlocracy (Greek: ὀχλοκρατία,), based on the changing whims of ochlos (crowds). Under ochlocracy, a rat, too, could come to power.

A leader must be brought up among the aristocracy and learn leadership from childhood. We know about the outstanding leader of the slaves – Spartacus. He was also a talented military leader. But, having won battles, he could not make decisions for people he lead, and his rebellion was defeated.

The fate of Trotsky is similar to Spartacus. A brilliant revolutionary and organizer, he seized power for his party, created an army, won wars and ... came to an impasse. Trotsky lost power without resistance to the criminal son of a shoemaker,[Unknown A1]  who eventually killed him. This is another version of the fate of Spartacus.

The wisest of the great revolutionaries was Garibaldi. After the victories won, the hero of the unification of Italy resigned his dictatorial powers and handed power to King Victor Emmanuel II.

The education of a great leader of slaves, a Jews in Egypt, took place in the palace of the Pharaoh. Moshe, the adopted son of the daughter of Pharaoh Bithiah, grew up as a ruler right from the cradle.  At the age of 20 he led the Egyptian army in a campaign against Ethiopia (described by Josephus Flavius, although this is not in the Torah). The Prince of Egypt, brought up to reign, was able to take the Jews out of slavery and create a nation out of them.

Many centuries ago, England, the most successful and stable power in the civilized world, adopted the aristocratic format of governance. Once the British tried to replace it. During the civil war in 17th century, the Independent Leader Oliver Cromwell organized a Parliamentary army and, commanding it, managed to defeat the much larger army of the Royalist party. On January 30, 1649 the victors executed King Charles I, and soon Cromwell acquired the life title of the Lord Protector of the country and successfully ruled it. As such, he granted the appeal of the eminent Jewish leader from Amsterdam, Menashe bin Israel, and allowed Jews who were expelled from it in 1290, by the edict of King Edward I Longshanks,[Unknown A2]  to return to England.

But after Cromwell’s death chaos ensued in England, and Charles I’s warning, spoken before his execution, was fulfilled: “I must tell you that your liberties and freedoms are in the possession of the government, in those laws that best ensure your life and property. This does not stem from your participation in a management that is in no way proper to you. A citizen and a sovereign are completely different concepts.” The British remembered these parting words and, after the death of Cromwell, crowned the son of the executed king – Charles II. The new king ordered Cromwell’s body to be exhumed from the grave and hung then beheaded, and his head set on a pole in front of the Parliament building. Since then, the power structure of England, evolving the following centuries, retains its aristocratic elite. The upper house of Parliament is the House of the Lords, and the nominal head of England is the King (or a Queen).

The representative of the upper stratum of this aristocracy, Winston Churchill, at a critical moment in modern history, was able to save our civilization. After the failure of the Munich agreement[Unknown A3]  with Hitler, the shameful failure of the “strange war”, the swift defeat of France, England called for the leadership of Churchill. Hitler showed in every possible way that he wanted to make peace with England. He stopped the German offensive near Dunkirk and allowed the British to save its army by evacuating it from the continent. On May 10, 1941, Hitler’s deputy of the party, Rudolf Hess, made an unexpected flight to England and, parachuting down, offered them peace.

An influential group of British politicians, led by Foreign Minister Lord Halifax, advocated for peace with Germany. England at that time alone opposed Germany, which captured almost the whole of Europe by then, and was in an important strategic alliance with the Stalinist USSR. Churchill admitted to the British: "I have nothing to offer you except blood, hard work, tears and sweat." But he rejected the peace proposed by Hitler. Such responsibility for the whole nation could be assumed only by a great leader, thinking in terms of the world history, and not his own career.

Imagine how events would develop, if Churchill had taken Hitler’s outstretched hand.  A war in the east against the USSR on one front, without enormous assistance to Stalin by the US Lend-Lease – $ 10.8 billion in the currency of that time (why would Roosevelt help Stalin without an alliance Stalin with England) would end with a German victory. The Third Reich would have spread on the two continents from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic.  England would have no choice but to become its appendage. Western civilization, the fate of which we are worried about today, would have ended three quarters of a century ago. This is the price of one person’s decision at a critical moment in history.

* * *
The United States at its very birth passed a law according to which an aristocrat who arrives at its shores, stepping on its shore, loses its title. America has grown its elite from scratch. The school of Americanism was Protestantism; its pillars were popular Protestant preachers.

Masonic lodges became the incubator of the American elite. In them, even before the American Revolution, the ideology of the new society was formed, and its leaders were nominated. The ideology of Freemasons is religious in the Jewish rather than the Christian form – it accepts the idea of ​​one God – the Great Architect of the Universe. Masons were persecuted by the Nazis along with the Jews. And in Russia, the mysterious term "Jewmasons" was forged, somehow uniting us, Jews, with the Freemasons in one category.

The Master of the Virginian Freemasons Lodge was George Washington, the Grandmaster of Pennsylvania another key figure among the founding fathers of the United States – Benjamin Franklin. Washington completed the administration of the young country exclusively from Masons.

Garibaldi, who was already mentioned, was a Freemason of the highest rank (the classification of Freemasons is similar to chess, but more complicated). Years from 1850 to 1854, an Italian hero lived in the United States. When the Civil War broke out here in 1861, Abraham Lincoln invited Garibaldi to the post of commander of the Northerner's army. Garibaldi, at that time fully involved in the unification of Italy, answered the American president like this: “I have no doubt in the success of your business. If, unfortunately, your homeland has to continue the war, I will try to overcome all the obstacles and rush to the defense of your people, which are very dear to me. "

Over time, the importance of Masons in the political life of the United States waned; in recent years, a democratic trend has prevailed, sometimes raising the plebs to the top of power. The last Freemasons among the presidents were major personalities of F.D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman, as well as the nondescript Gerald Ford. Jimmy Carter, the first post-Masonic U.S. president who succeeded him, a peanut farmer, turned out to be a disastrous president: after his only term, he lost to Ronald Reagan in 41 out of 50 states.

The typical plebeian president was Bill Clinton, a talented representative of “white trash,” as Americans scornfully call people of this sort. The recipient of the Rhodes scholarship, Clinton graduated from Oxford and Yale, but did not become an aristocrat. To please the feminists, President Clinton signed a stupid law under which he himself was forced to swear under oath about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. Clinton lied, which is a crime punishable by prison. Can you imagine Sir Churchill or his opponent, Lord Halifax, lying under oath? Moreover, his reaction to such an embarrassment?

To blur the scandal of impeachment by the House of Representatives. Clinton bombed Serbia, a US ally in two world wars, for 3 months, killing over 1,700 civilians, including almost 400 children, leaving about 10 000 seriously injured. Without military facilities to bomb, American planes bombed peaceful objects, such as a television studio with its employees. The size of the environmental catastrophe from the destruction of chemical plants in Serbia and the use of depleted uranium bombs cannot be estimated.

At the end of his presidency, Clinton and his wife Hillary organized the largest ever corruption scheme, the Clinton Foundation, that got swollen especially during the years of Hillary’s service as the US Secretary of State, when she sold off her influence. To control this trade, Hillary conducted official correspondence not from the government server, but from her home one. When she was required to provide this correspondence, Hillary erased more than 30,000 emails and destroyed the server itself.

The rapid loss of religiosity by the US population and the uncontrolled illegal immigration led to a further increase in the influence of the plebs in the country. It turned out to be obedient to the media which is largely ignorant, corrupt and busy relaying fake news. It looks incredible: in 2008 and 2012, the “man out of nowhere” Barack Hussein Obama became the president of the United States, with a fake birth certificate and Social Security number from the state in which he never lived, without any work experience other than the “position” of a social activist, friend of the terrorist Ayers and the student of the black racist and anti-Semite preacher Wright. Obama was, as I argued in an essay called “Manchurian President”, serving the interests of others. Obama, a darling of the press, quickly flooded the “deep state” with his people. Any negative information about Obama, such as him sending hundreds of millions of dollars in cash on a plane without identification marks to Iranian ayatollahs, was barely mentioned in the press and immediately disappeared.

But in 2016, America, despite the confrontation of almost all of the media, the establishment of both parties –  the Democratic and Republican (neoconservatives), deep state, unexpectedly elected, with a noticeable minority (3 million votes less than Hillary) as the president of the United States an aristocrat, the son of a rich man and billionaire himself, Donald Trump.  For three and a half years, Trump's enemies have been scorching him with all the tools - media and bureaucratic. His employees were eavesdropped on, he was investigated unfairly by the lawyers of the Miller Commission for more than two years, he was impeached by the House of Representatives, he is constantly criticized by the press. Any man of flesh and blood would collapse under such an onslaught. But not Trump, from the cradle brought up to lead.

Now, fascist crowds of anarchists and Marxists of Antifa have launched an offensive against the president and his country, as well as rioters of “Black Lives Matter” organized and paid by the Marxists. Today okhlos controls the main cities of the USA: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle, Atlanta. In Washington, there was a talk already about the storming the White House. But Trump continues to rule, makes decisions that undermine the omnipotence of the progressives.

Now the fate of the United States, and with it our civilization, rests on the date of November 3, election day for the new US president. On one side will be the ideology of the heirs of the creators of the United States – Americanism, which emphasizes the motto of the Trump campaign: “Make America great again”, on the other - a cocktail of progressive ideas – local university Marxist professors and South American forms of socialism a la Che Guevara, Castro, Chavez; Islamism from Farrakhan to Obama as well as their black racism. And the destructive complexes of Africans not assimilated in the United States like the head of New York’s FWP Hawk Newsome, who threatened to “burn this system” off the TV screen if his unnamed demands were not met, and Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who called for the destruction of the American economy. Somali Omar's fellow tribesmen, who settled in Minneapolis, as she is, had already contributed to the transformation of this city into the likeness of Mogadishu.

Democratic presidential candidate John Biden, in an advanced form of dementia, is obviously a figurehead. At the last moment, I expect Michelle Obama to be the candidate for vice presidency. And if they win, two more terms of the administration of B.H. Obama will happen. A kind of American form of zeroing.

What are the chances of this? Two articles standing on the popular RCP website back to back report, that according to sociological models, there is a 90% chance that …. each author names their own winning candidate.

So we know the likelihood of winning candidates, it remains only to wait for a specific name.

                                                                                                Translated by Alla Axelrod 7/20/2020

 [Unknown A1]Joseph Stalin was a son of a shoemaker and started as a common criminal
 [Unknown A2]Also known as The Long Edward.
 [Unknown A3]Also called “Munich Betrayal”

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