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By Boris Gulko.

     After the Earth dried up from the Flood and a human society reappeared again, with it arose the need for power. It found its hero Nimrod, who became the first ruler of Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization.  Nimrod also possessed the second necessary property of the leader, besides the strength – the ability to offer the ideology to the people. The construction of the Tower of Babel was a challenge to The Creator.

     This scheme of the two foundations of power is constant for all societies, although it varies greatly in implementation. Thus feminist militant women triumphed in the ancient Amazon kingdom. Also, the women's question paved the way for the dominance of eunuchs, who at times took over the government in the Eastern despotic societies.

Enormous influence of the “fourth power” similar to the rule of the eunuchs in those old days is that of the  "fourth power" – media workers--  in the United States in the recent decades.  Eunuchs and journalists are alike in that they don’t and can’t participate in the actions but can direct them in a direction that suits them.

     The mechanism of seizing the power by the media became their struggle against traditional values ​​and the imposition of political correctness and progressivism: radical feminism (like with the Amazons;) Islamism; socialist dreams; reverse- black-racism; the cancellation of biblical sexual morality. Media owns the narrative of what is happening and imposes it on society.

     The first manifestation of the media’s power in the United States was bringing the country to its defeat in the Vietnam War. The most listened to journalist at that time was Walter Cronkite, host of the evening news on CBS. After Cronkite opposed the continuation of this war and showed a documentary about it, the Americans cooled to the idea of confronting communism in the jungles of Southeast Asia. After that the president, who led the war, Lyndon Johnson, learning that Cronkite would not support him, did not run for reelection in 1968.

       Following Johnson, the "fourth power" managed to expel the next president Richard Nixon from the office. Nixon failed to prove that he didn’t know about the attempt of his assistants to install an eavesdropping device in Watergate at the headquarters of his rival in the 1972 election, the worthless socialist George McGovern, who lost to Nixon in 49 of the 50 states. And although Nixon was an extremely successful president with a thriving economy, American astronauts landing on the moon, detente with the USSR, often balancing on the brink of war, the "discovery" of China, the salvation of Israel in the "Yom Kippur War", the completion, albeit the inglorious one, of the Vietnam War, journalists Bob Woodward and Karl Bernstein managed to launch a campaign in the press and force the president to resign.

Outstanding sociologist Samuel Huntington wrote in his report: "In the two most dramatic internal political conflicts of the Nixon administration period - the conflicts caused by the publication of documents of the Pentagon and Watergate - the country's mass media have challenged and defeated the head of the executive branch. The press actually played a leading role in the fact that so far no single institution, grouping or combination of institutions in American history has been able to succeed - to deprive the office of a president who was elected less than two years ago, having won the support of a majority that has become one of the most significant in American history. "

Media attempted to repeat the same campaign and drive out Ronald Reagan from the White House. The administration, skillfully supporting parity in Iran's war with Iraq, secretly supplied Iran with weapons, and on the proceeds from the supplies helped the anti-communist forces in Nicaragua. Journalists, having explored this, fanned the scandal "Iran-Contra". Important operations for the country were foiled. But, since the participants of the operation claimed that they had conducted it without informing Reagan (which is hard to believe), the president managed to keep his post. The last two years of his presidency, Reagan was paralyzed by a scandal.

Media was trying to prevent President Bush from joining the presidency. Dan Rather replaced Cronkite to on CBS in September 2004, two months before the presidential election and tried to slander Bush, using a fake document. This didn’t succeed only because the font on the fake document made long ago turned out to be modern. But frightened Bush tried to please his left-wing critics during his entire presidency.

The demonstration of the media crowned achievement of power was the promotion of President Barack Obama in 2008 – a man who never worked anywhere, was a nobody, a cloud of smoke.  It seemed that the media candidate had a big advantage - it was impossible to say anything about him, therefore nothing bad could be said. Journalists, leading their “messiah” into power, saw an immature intellect and even something akin to divine in him. But suddenly someone politically incorrect discovered that Obama for 20 years has been a pupil of the black racist and anti-Semite, the hater of America, Jeremiah Wright.  They had to save the nominee, and urgently. It was announced that Obama will explain everything in his “Philadelphia speech”.

And Obama explained. He told how his white grandmother was frightened in a deserted dark alley, seeing a black guy behind her. Media deemed the “Philadelphia speech” as “one of the greatest ever spoken”, completely dispelling the fears of the common people. And the common people, having been told that their fears were dispelled now, voted as the media prompted them.

In 2016, everything also kept developing; it seemed, as conceived and planned by journalists. On the Election Day, America's main newspaper New York Times reported that the likelihood of the media favorite candidate Hillary winning is 98%. The Americans, however, voted for Trump. The new president turned out to be complete "Antiobama" – he understands business and economics, he is an apologist for Judeo-Christian values, he is pro-American and pro-Israel. From the first day of his presidency, the media undertook an irreconcilable war against Trump.

Recently 350 newspapers reported that they would oppose the president with a united front, as if the job of newspapers not to inform and comment on the events, but "to be a collective organizer" according to Lenin's formulation. The journalists were offended that Trump called the distributors of “fake news” enemies of the people. But what kind of weapon can the "fourth power" have, except for the “fake news"?

New York Times reporter James Routenberg explained the need for lying:”If you work as a journalist and you think that Donald Trump is a demagogue and plays on the worst racist and nationalist tendencies, that he is comfortable with anti-American dictators and that he will be dangerous with nuclear control code of the United States, do you have to approve of him?"

 Since the possession of true morality belongs to the media, it must use the weapons at its disposal, namely, to protect the American people from the choice they made, organize a coup d'etat, conduct as in olden times, a riot of eunuchs, who can’t do it themselves, but know what’s right.

Recently, the leaders of the organization "America First Action" Sean Spicer and Tommy Hicks Jr. published an open letter to the journalistic community. After listing the truly unprecedented list of the achievements of the Trump administration during the first year and a half of his rule, making Trump one of the most prominent presidents in US history, the co-authors called on media workers to stop spreading lies. They named three types of these lies.

1) The straight lies. Examples of such lies: as soon as Trump moved into the White House, Time magazine lied, that the new president ordered the bust of Martin Luther King to be taken out of his office. As a comparison - when 8 years ago the Oval Office was occupied by Obama and he actually ordered to send back to the British their gift - the decorated bust of Winston Churchill who helped to rescue the world from the WWII, this was not mentioned by a single dog. The bust of ML King still adorns in the Oval Office.
Another example. Now, in the midst of the trial of Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, the media was informed that he had informed that Trump knew about the meeting of his son with Russian lawyer Veselnitskaya. Even if he knew, only in the perverted minds of media workers this would have any significance. But in an interview with CNN on August 23 his lawyer Cohen Davis said - Cohen does not have such information. CNN, however, continues to repeat this lie.

2) Creating a false image. Before the election, CNN warned the Americans that the Trump election would bring down the Stock exchange, and the whole world market. The same threat to fellow citizens came off the main economic column of the New York Times, from Nobel laureate Paul Krugman. Recently, a record growth in the length and size of the US stock exchange was recorded.

Or: Trump in the speech called members of the brutal gangs of Latino MC13, implicated in many murders, "beasts." The press reported that the president called “the beasts” people from South American countries.

3) Lies by silence.  The media "forgot" to report the defeat of the ISIS terrorist army by the American troops after the departure of Obama who kept them straddled. And good economic news does not get the media's attention altogether.

I will add that any word uttered by Trump is investigated by the press for the purpose of lying, "inciting hatred", or another cliché from their arsenal. Former rising star of the FOX channel Megan Kelly, who is wilting now on NBC after a dark sexual scandal, made a video for the “Washington Post” charging Trump's with 29 false statements. The first one is typical:  Trump remembered in the speech that Obama sent $1.8 billion dollars to the Iranian mullahs, whether as a gift, or as a ransom for 4 Americans, whom the mullahs held hostage. Kelly said that only $1.7 billion were sent. At the same time, Obama's transfer of American money to the Islamists didn’t surprise anyone and did not bother the press.

Trump's victory in the elections and a decent rating of his work now - close to 50%, show that in the modern world a serious competitor has grown into the main media channels in influencing public consciousness. These are "social networks". 2/3 of Americans receive information from there. The journalists are in wild fury of  Trump using "Twitter" for direct communication with Americans. "Let Trump stop using Twitter, it's not presidential" - the journalistic brethren, who until recently monopolistically owned the narrative, now find themselves powerless in this matter.

The future of American society depends to a large extent on whether the left establishment will succeed in imposing its heavy paw on social networks. Therefore, the public got so worried that the owners of the main social networks, all the left, established censorship over the free exchange of information and opinions in them.

In search of the reasons for the left shift of the press, a recent study of universities in which journalists was conducted. If among the professors of sociology only 75% of progressivists were found in them, among the professors of journalism there were no conservatives at all.

"Facebook, Twitter and Google are much worse than classic monopolies, such as International Harvester and Standard Oil, and are much more dangerous, because they monopolize not only our production, but our brain. They control or at least exaggerate how Americans and even most of the world think, "- worried writer and publicist Roger Simon. So, Facebook removed 21 conservative educational videos produced by Praeger University, equating them ... to pornography. The clips of the new conservative star Ben Shapiro are also being removed.

It is unclear what can stop the "eunuchs from the media" offensive.

Translated by Alla Axelrod © 8/31/2018

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